Super Bowl Centerpiece Ideas

Use outdoor elements to create fun decor for you party table, no matter which team you're cheering on!

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Football Themed Centerpieces for your Super Bowl Party

You're sure to score lots of points with your party guests when you create these easy and festive football themed centerpieces for your Super Bowl party!

Football Terra Cotta Pot Centerpiece Supplies

Here's what you'll need to create these cute football terra-cotta pot centerpieces. Supplies: small terra cotta pots/ white paint pen/florist foam/flowers in team colors (our centerpiece focal points were daisies and spider mums).

Create Football Laces

To create the "laces" on your football terra-cotta pot, draw a thick vertical line with your paint pen.  Allow to dry.  Create horizontal lines across vertical line and allow to dry.

Add Flowers

Place a small square of florist foam in the bottom of each terra cotta pot. Arrange flowers in your team colors in pots.

Football Terra Cotta Pot Centerpieces

No matter what colors you choose, these football centerpieces will be winners!

Football Field Centerpiece Supplies

There is no game without the field! These football field centerpieces are more neutral but just as fun! Supplies: small cardboard box/brown cork scrapbook paper with adhesive backing/florist foam/artificial (or real if you can find it!) wheat grass/small chalkboard sign/toy football.

Measure Paper

Using the sides of your box, measure out four squares on cork scrapbook paper.

Cut Out Squares

Cut out four squares from cork scrapbook paper.

Covering Box with Scrapbook Paper

Remove paper backing and carefully adhere cork squares to sides of box, being sure to keep them straight and even.

Football Field Centerpieces

Add a fun chalkboard sign cheering on your team and miniature football to complete your Football Field Centerpieces.

Moss Mat Turf Table runner

Purchase a large moss mat to use as a "turf" table runner on your Super Bowl party table!

Super Bowl Party Centerpieces

Create several of these fun centerpieces to place along your "turf" table runner for a fun Super Bowl party table!

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