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Simply Elegant Dinner Party

By: Matthew Mead
Having guests over for a dinner party doesn't mean complicated decorating schemes or difficult foods to prepare. Take the less-is-more approach when planning your next gathering.
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Set the Table

The table should be a feast for the eyes with lots of interest to gently stir your guests with anticipation for delicious food. Pull out your finest serving pieces to up the feeling of elegance, and use a beautiful fabric as a tablecloth. For this party, a navy blue microsuede sets a rich and dramatic backdrop for the table. An added bonus: Microsuede cleans easily.

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Elegant Menu Cards

A menu card is a fun way to engage guests. Perch it in a place-card holder on the table so guests can savor the courses ahead.

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No-Fuss Centerpiece

To create a pretty yet simple centerpiece, place square dinner plates down the center of the table. Arrange a mixture of mercury glass and milk-glass votive holders filled with flowers on each plate. For added sparkle, add a piece of vintage jewelry to each plate.

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Customized Candleholders

Glass cylinders wrapped in lacy scrapbook paper make engaging candleholders and cast pretty shadows about the tabletop. To customize glass cylinders, measure the height and circumference and cut decorative paper to the measurements. Wrap the paper around the glass and secure with double-stick tape.

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