Create a Vintage-Style, Mismatched Tablescape

Create a beautiful and whimsical tablescape using an eclectic group of heirloom dishware, vintage utensils and mismatched accents.

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Something Old + Something New

A collection of blue, white, pastel and gold plates made up of hand-me-downs and new purchases were used to create this colorful, mismatched dining room tablescape.

Sort Dinnerware

To successfully mix and match otherwise mismatched dinnerware, you'll need to edit what you've got. First, gather an assortment of dinner plates, salad plates, saucers and chargers, keeping only those with complementary colors. Any plates that clash with one another should be taken out of the mix.

Choose a Consistent Color

For proper balance, use one dominant color throughout the tablescape. In this dining room, the dominant color in the dinnerware is navy blue. Since the complement to blue is orange, antique floral plates with layered shades of orange, pink and coral are used as well-balanced accents.

Layer Shades of the Same Color

Designers often layer several different shades of the same color to add visual depth to a room. This process works well with a mix-and-match table setting, too. While the dominant color for the tablescape is navy blue, different shades of this same color are found in the floral patterned plates.

Layer Patterns

When it comes to mixing patterns on a tablescape, you can't go wrong. To use a mix of different patterns effectively, be sure to vary the scale between large, medium and small designs.

Use the Same Placemat

It's best to use the same placemat or charger throughout the tablescape to avoid the overall look from becoming too cluttered. Here, woven seagrass placemats were used to contrast texturally against the smooth finishes of the plates.

Tie In Antique Flatware

In addition to the plates and chargers, continue the aged motif throughout the tablescape with antique flatware. For a rich contrast against the blues, a set of vintage utensils with darkly stained wood and antique brass was used.

Choose Complementary Flowers

To coordinate floral arrangements with a mix-and-match tablescape, use flowers with colors complementary to those found in the plates, chargers and saucers.

Use Unexpected Objects

When it comes to centerpiece ensembles with eclectic style, consider using unexpected vases and candleholders. Here, vintage brass goblets were used to hold orange roses. A grouping of brass horse busts in the same finish adds flair.

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