Host a Kids' Easter Egg Decorating and Hunt Party

Celebrate Easter this year with a colorful egg decorating party, followed by a classic egg hunt. From invitations and crafts to games and food ideas, you'll find everything you need to plan a day your kids will never forget.

Egg Decorating + Afternoon Hunt

Create the perfect Easter party using inspiration from this sweet, kid-friendly event. Start the afternoon with fun activities like egg dyeing, egg decorating and other crafts, then host a spring-inspired lunch followed by tasty sweets. Finish off the party with a traditional egg hunt in the backyard. Kids will love every second of this Easter-y day.

At-Home Party Invitations

To create this festive look, we used a fresh color palette of navy blue, Kelly green, bright yellow and fuchsia. Silhouettes of a bunny, chick and sheep are used throughout the printable designs as a modern, graphic element that still feels familiar. Print the free pattern>>

Welcome to the Party

To greet your guests as they arrive at the party, download and print this 11x14-inch welcome sign that coordinates with the invitation and sets the tone for the party. Place it in a wood frame for perfect presentation.

Festive Party Decor

Banners are always a great addition to party decor. Just download, print and string this "Happy Easter" banner with twine to dress up your indoor/outdoor party space. Print the free pattern>>

Colorful Dessert Table

Create a simple treat table display with cupcakes, cookies and cake pops. Set up the dessert table away from the activity area, so kids can grab treats as they wish. Print the free pattern>>

Cupcake Embellishments

Cupcakes wrapped in colorful baking cups and topped with hand-painted sticks and printable flags are the perfect dessert for this party theme. Get the full instructions here>>

Adorable Cake-Pop Animals

Take classic cake pops one step further by turning them into traditional Easter animals, like sheep and chicks. Stand them upright in a decorated box of Jordan Almond candies. They're almost too cute to eat! Print free animal circle labels here>>

Bird's Nest Cookies

These Easter-themed bird's nest cookies are surprisingly easy to make. Use a basic cookie recipe, add green food coloring to flaked coconut and spread on top, then decorate with egg-shaped candies or jellybeans.

Fruity Egg Popsicles

Getting the kids to consume fruit has never been so easy. Turn plastic Easter eggs into popsicles filled with fruit juice. Kids will love this unique treat and you'll be happy with the healthy snack, too. Get the full tutorial from Kailo Chic.

Healthy + Cute Basket Lunches

Serve the kids a nutritious lunch comprised of a bunny-shaped sandwich, fresh strawberries, pasta salad and an adorable hard-boiled egg chick. Painted wooden berry baskets are the perfect size to serve all of the lunch items and they coordinate perfectly with the party theme. Get the full instructions here>>

Warm-Weather Refresher

Lemonade served in Mason jars is the perfect refreshing drink to accompany an afternoon picnic lunch. Charming flower lids, bright paper straws and grosgrain bows make the beverage jars cute as can be.

Wearable Bunny Ears

Before the party, make a set of bunny ears for each of the guests to wear during the festivities. Get the full instructions here>>

Dying to Dye

Every child loves dyeing Easter eggs, so set up a table with bowls of different dyes for them to use. Add small, round stickers to your eggs before placing them in the dye for a polka dot effect. You will also want to dye some of the eggs solid colors to create festive egg animals.

Creative Egg Animals

Turn dyed Easter eggs into charming animals with colorful patterned paper and adhesive. Download and print polka-dot-patterned paper and, using scissors, cut out ears, beaks, feathers, whiskers and noses to create different animals. Secure the paper parts to the dyed eggs for fun, festive and colorful animals. Get the full instructions here>>

Ready, Set ...

Before the party, print the colorful "start" banner for your Easter egg hunt. Have the kids line up behind the starting line with their buckets, then drop the banner and let them race around the yard to collect eggs.

Dressed-Up Easter Buckets

Each child will want to grab his or her polka-dot bucket in preparation for the hunt. Basic galvanized buckets from the local hardware store turn into adorable Easter baskets with a few coats of paint. Get the full instructions here>>

Let the Hunt Begin!

You can plan the hunt in several different ways, by either hiding treats and toys in every single egg or by hiding a big prize in a single egg for one lucky winner. (It's more fun for younger kids to collect lots of treats.) Some egg-stuffer ideas are stickers, seed packets, ChapStick, Play-Doh, trail mix, gift certificates and temporary tattoos.

The Perfect Hiding Spot

Depending on the age group, you can make eggs difficult or fairly obvious to find. Try fun, unexpected hiding spots like hanging plants, watering cans, bushes, window boxes, bicycle baskets and in low tree nooks.

And the Winner Is ...

Once all the eggs have been found, have each partygoer count the eggs in their bucket. Reward the guest with the most collected eggs with a special prize, like a chocolate bunny or homemade treat.

Hidden Surprises

Kids will love cracking open their eggs to check out their bounty. They can even trade prizes back and forth with friends to make it even more fun.

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