Champagne Brunch

Gather friends and family for a special brunch experience on a lazy weekend morning. Keep it simple and fresh with easy table setting ideas and treats that are both savory and sweet.

By: Matthew Mead

Buffet Brunch

Brunch is a grown-up way to relax tradition and mix delicious foods that might not typically be served together. Start by setting up a buffet in your most light-filled room. Pick a favorite color scheme, like lilac, and lay out a pretty linen tablecloth, napkins, white dishes and juices, like orange and cranberry.

Creative Silverware Display

Serve up silverware in a festive container. Start with rectangular card-stock containers and cut scrapbook paper to fit around the holder. Adhere the paper with double-sided tape, and decorate with self-adhesive crystal embellishments. Use letter stickers to spell out fun sayings.

Simple Place Settings

Create pretty folded napkins with pockets to hold a flower blossom and place card. Start by folding the napkin in half from top to bottom, and then fold the bottom up to the top. Take the top layer and fold it down about an inch. Fold the napkin into thirds by folding each side under to create the pocket on top. Place the flower stem in the pocket.

Bellini Bar

Set up a Bellini bar with fresh fruits, champagne and bottles of fruit purees. Make your own purees or purchase them in the ice cream section of the grocery store. Fill one third of a glass with the puree; try orange, peach or raspberry. Add two thirds of chilled champagne or sparkling wine, and serve immediately.

One-Dish Meal

Frittata is the perfect one-dish meal and can be served warm or at room temperature. Serve it sliced on a platter or whole in a pretty pie plate.

Blueberry Scones

Homemade blueberry scones are always a crowd favorite. Display in a basket or casserole dish that's been lined with a linen in your chosen color.

Mini Fruit Tarts

With store-bought ingredients, mini fruit tarts are easy to make, but look like they came from a pastry chef. Start with mini pastry tart shells and fill with your favorite vanilla pudding. Cut up an assortment of fruit and arrange on top of each tart. Heat apricot jam in the microwave for a few seconds and use a pastry brush to brush the jam on top of the fruit.

Elegant Dessert

Cream puffs displayed in wineglasses make for a very tempting presentation. Use store-bought cream puffs and dip one cream puff per serving in chocolate. Place two or three cream puffs in each wine glass and then top with a chocolate-dipped one.

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