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16 Fall Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

Invite friends and family to a tailgate, bonfire, holiday celebration and more with these fall outdoor entertaining ideas.

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Photo: Image courtesy of Jason Busch

Cook up a Pizza Party

As the weather cools off, evenings outdoors become more enjoyable. What better way to spend an evening with friends and family than with a pizza party? Model your outdoor area after this Tuscan-inspired space designed by Jamie Durie complete with custom wood-fired pizza oven and picnic bench-style marble table. 

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Fire it up

A fire pit with a couple of surrounding chairs instantly creates a perfect gathering place for fall evenings. Roast marshmallows, enjoy a drink or just relax with friends around the fire right in your own backyard. Get inspired with these fire pit ideas or even consider making your own

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Photo: Jessica Yonker

Host a Pumpkin Carving Party

Carving pumpkins is something to look forward to every fall, so why not make an event out of it? Invite some friends over, ask them to bring a pumpkin and get your carving tools ready. Put newspapers down on a back porch or patio to make clean-up a breeze (wrap the pumpkin innards up and compost the whole package!). Roast some of the pumpkin seeds in the oven while you carve for a delicious snack later. Download some of our carving templates here.

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Photo: Icenhauer

Serve Fall Cocktails

Serve a fall-infused cocktail like Autumn's Up! at your next gathering. This adult drink contains bourbon, pecans, cinnamon and more. Learn how to make this beverage and more fall cocktails. 

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