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Extraordinary European Manor Style House in Greenwich, CT

This extraordinary European manor style house sits on 4 acres in Greenwich, CT. Inside, you will find intricate woodwork, 7 bedrooms and an updated, contemporary look.

Tudor Mansion and Stone Bridge

This Tudor mansion has an over the river and through the woods storybook feel. Perched on four acres in Greenwich, Connecticut, the residence includes seven bedrooms, 11 bathrooms and the most elegant style.

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Pond and Driveway

Wind your way up over rolling lawns, across a bridge and past the pond and fountain. Then arrive at this Greenwich, Connecticut home that evokes a European manor.

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Tudor Mansion With Pond

The estate has timeless character with the seven-bedroom Tudor mansion looking out onto a pond with a fountain in the center. On wanders through the four acres, don't miss the bridge leading out to the pond's wee island.

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Tudor Mansion Front Exterior With Arches

The house is made of a mixture of stone, brick and slate in Old World European grandeur. Vines soften the look of the front and arches allow peeks into the porch.

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