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French Norman Style Estate in Newtown, Connecticut

Stone stairs lead into Hermitswood, an eight-plus acre property that embraces French lifestyle in New England with multiple gardens, a wine cellar, espresso room, pool, and award-winning chef's kitchen.

Gray Mansion and Front Steps

This gracious home in Newtown, Connecticut was designed in the French Norman style. It includes 6,321 square feet and sits on eight acres with a pool, lily pond and numerous gardens. Inside, homeowners are treated to a gorgeous kitchen, home gym, wine cellar, coffee bar and more!

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Stone Mansion Exterior and Front Yard

Charles Hilton Architects are responsible for the renovation of this luxurious French Norman home. The award-winning landscaping includes numerous gardens, patios, a natural pool and pond.

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Gravel Patios With Outdoor Dining Table

It wouldn't be at all surprising if Goldilocks or the Three Bears popped out of the doors leading to the gardens. Multi-level terraces create an enchanting sense of dimension and different outdoor rooms surrounding the home.

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Back Garden and Raised Patio

The house would fit right into a fairy tale with its charming French Norman architecture and beautiful gardens. Gnomes and fairies may well inhabit the backyard.

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