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Reuse Household Items for Closet Organization

By: Amanda Wills

You don't have to spend tons of money to get your closet organized. Follow these tips on how to use what you already have to organize your space.

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Funky Frame for Your Jewels

Don't let your favorite necklaces get in a tangle. Mr. Kate transformed a simple picture frame into perfect storage (and display) for your best jewels. All you need is a couple of nails, a hammer and chicken wire. Make it your own by painting your frame a refreshing color, like this canary yellow.

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Ice Cube Tray Organizer

It's easy to lose those stud earrings or extra buttons from that expensive pea coat you purchased last winter. Instead of having a junk drawer, use an ice cube tray to keep it organized. Now you'll know exactly where to go if that one-of-a-kind button goes missing. Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

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Silverware Tray Displays Your Jewelry

While this project really works great with a wooden silverware tray (because you can paint it any color), a plastic version will suffice. Jennifer Hadfield of Tatertots & Jello got creative and decorated her organizer with chalkboard paint, feathers and glitter. It's glam enough to leave out in the open, but also smart enough to stuff into a drawer without worrying that your jewelry will get lost or tangled.

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Prop Up Boots With an Old Tabloid

We've all suffered from saggy boot syndrome. Storing your favorite kicks for the summer doesn't have to mean a nasty crease come fall. Roll up back issues of your magazines and stuff them into your boots so they stand tall until the cold weather returns. Photo courtesy of Clossette

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