Colorful Home Offices

The right color is important when designing a home office. You'll be spending a lot of stressed-out hours in there, after all. Be inspired with these 10 colorful home offices.
By: Karli Sanders
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Photo By: David Duncan Livingston

Mixed Media

Unexpected prints and patterns mixed with bright pops of color keep this eclectic office by Annie Lowengart balanced between subdued and bold.

Gorgeous Gemstones

You don't need to settle on one color. This room uses rich jewel tones in amethyst, emerald and bright pink.

Small Package

A tiny closet office stands out when the wall is painted a contrasting color. Photo courtesy of Flickr user Fallon Akers.

Color Pops

Another tiny office closet stands out when accessories from the same family are used against a white background. Shades of bright blue are chosen here.

Personal Nook

Color makes an office personal. Bronze accessories and mint-green paint set this office apart. By repeating the green theme in some accessories, the room is a pulled-together workspace rather than a collection of clutter.

Break Time at Tiffany's

Soft Tiffany blue mixed with white and cream adds a feminine touch to this small desk. Don't be afraid to mix functional items like pencil holders and lamps with purely pretty things like mirrors and candles.

Washed Out and Wonderful

A muted shade of lime gives this room a tailored, elegant look. Shelly Riehl David knows that choosing a lighter version of a bright, neon shade provides a calm ambiance.

Funky and Functional

Tiffany blue is used again in this funky office space. Calming shades of blue and green are great choices for the often-hectic home office.

Morning Jolt

Other times, color can be used to energize a room. Bright green gives this room as much lift as a large espresso.

Three-Paneled Elegance

Color isn't always achieved by painting the walls. Ammie Kim uses a large, three-paneled painting to infuse this traditional office with color and light.

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