11 Hot Living Room Design Styles

Check out some of today's most popular design styles with these living rooms from our favorite designers.


Designer Jane Ellison took a unique approach when designing this Asian-style living room. Subtle Oriental elements are represented with the porcelain blue-and-white wares, tatami mats, brass sculptures, bamboo shades and elegant gold sofa upholstery.


This contemporary living room pulls in current trends for a look that can hold up even when the styles change. Industrial elements and urban surroundings combine with bold orange hues and white accents for a truly arresting design. Designer Pangaea abandoned the floors and walls and allowed the natural concrete backdrop to form the entire design scheme.


The 20-foot stone fireplace features warm lighting and stunning display shelves to really set the tone of this cozy cottage-style living room. For an elegant and chic approach to cottage living, designer Shane Inman used a simple neutral and pastel color palette and decorated with minimal accessories, all in a crisp ivory hue.


Rich, vibrant hues and dark wood furnishings emit visual warmth in this country-style living room. Pale yellow walls tone down the bold sofa and reflect the softer shades visible in the area rug's floral design. Rustic decorative stars pull in the country feel in a simple and subtle way. Design by Helen Richardson


The fireplace itself doesn't have to be the focal point of your living room. Designer Emily Henderson proves that an eclectic grouping of framed prints in various sizes can make a bold statement on its own, much like the faux-fur area rug and collected furniture. The living room's design scheme appears casual and timeworn with a rustic edge.


This warm living room exudes true Mediterranean-inspired elegance through its structure and decor. With dramatic interior architectural elements, the living room design is kept simple yet refined with a touch of Old World Spanish flair. Design by Vanessa DeLeon

Mid-Century Modern

The mid-20th century design movement left us with sleek and modern furnishings actively used in homes today. Designer Lori Dennis celebrated the home's mid-century architecture by bringing in coordinating furnishings like an Arco floor lamp, Eames lounger, geometric area rug and patterned throw pillows.


Designer Andreas Charalambous created an ultra-modern masterpiece in this two-story urban loft. The living room is especially ideal for entertaining, with two-story atrium windows, an entirely open floor plan and convertible furniture that can transform into sofas, sectionals and interconnected club-style seating. Far from bland, these white walls provide the perfect backdrop to an energetic display of patterns.

Old World

Nothing short of magnificent, this Old World living room pulls in elegant, Italian-inspired design elements to create an over-the-top and illustrious gathering spot. The hand-painted cathedral ceiling and Renaissance-style furnishings make a bold statement, creating a look that will immediately take you back in time. Design by Lori Venners. Architecture by Thom Oppelt. Image courtesy of Gene Northup of Synergy Sotheby's International Realty


This well-known design style will instantly make you feel right at home. Designer Linda Woodrum created an elegant yet functional living room with a soothing color palette of ivory, navy and pale blue. Simple, understated furnishings mirror the classic, casual and comfortable elements associated with traditional interiors.


This vibrant living room successfully mixes classic traditional details and accessories with contemporary fixtures and hues to create a one-of-a-kind space. Designer Shelly Riehl David used sunny lime and fuchsia as her unique color inspiration. Beyond the color palette, the room's most striking elements are the dramatic floor-to-ceiling lime draperies and the grand carved stone mantelpiece in a contrasting shade of ivory.

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