Create a Chef-Worthy Kitchen With Our Storage Secrets

Kitchens are one of our most lived-in spaces, so making yours highly functional is smart. Paring down is a great place to start streamlining your kitchen (do you really need that single purpose banana slicer?) but for those all-important essentials that remain, we have some ideas for condensing their footprint. Browse our kitchen storage solutions and implement as many as you can to help gain maximum maneuverability in your space.

Photo By: Heather Baird

Photo By: Heather Baird

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Photo By: Heather Baird

Photo By: Heather Baird

Magnetic Knife Storage

Knives stored on a magnetic wall strip will save valuable countertop space that otherwise bulky knife blocks would occupy. Hang them by their blades for easy access to the handles. Hanging knives are most convenient when placed within arm’s reach under cabinets or over a stove top.

Coffee Filters FTW

An easy and inexpensive way to protect mixing bowls from getting scuffs and scratches is to place coffee filters between them. This is especially good for porcelain bowls that are designed to nest. Dishes can also benefit from this treatment, and large filters will flatten to nearly the perfect 9" dinner plate size.

Cork Board Message Center

Cover the inside of a kitchen cabinet with a self-adhesive cork sheet for an easy message center that can hold grocery lists, notes and recipes. Use cork that's at least 1/8" thick so you can pin items on with thumbtacks or pushpins. You can find rolls of cork inexpensively at most home improvement stores. Simply measure your cabinet and trim the cork to fit inside the door. Remove the adhesive backing and position as desired.

Pegboard Wall

Pegboards are great for adding handy storage all over the house, but we’re taking a tip from cooking queen Julia Child and using one in the kitchen. All you need is enough wall space to hang your pegboard and some pegs or hooks. In no time flat, a chaotic kitchen will be uber organized and you'll never again root through drawers to find a measuring spoon. Pots, pans, dishes and towels can all be hung from pegs. You can find pegboards at most home improvement shops, along with their corresponding hangers.

Dual-Purpose Dish Rack

A simple wire dish rack can act as a home for your most-used cookbooks. Insert the cookbooks upright between the wire separators. You can even use the utensil basket for storing pencils and page markers.

Wire Rail Hanger

Use telescoping curtain rods and S hooks to hang hard-to-store equipment such as standing mixer attachments, crank can openers, and other bulky items. It’s easy to choose a design that fits your aesthetic with the wide range of styles available. Choose simple wire rods for a clean look, or rods with finials for a decorative touch.

Bottle Caddy Herb Garden

Having fresh herbs at your fingertips feels like a luxury in winter months and will elevate your cuisine year-round. This countertop herb garden takes up very little counter space because it’s planted in a compact bottle caddy. Fill each divider with potting soil and plant hardy herbs such as rosemary, tarragon, basil and parsley. Water plants when the soil feels dry, and be sure to place the portable garden near a sunlit window for optimal growth.

Customize a Cart

Freestanding storage is a great option when it comes to expanding kitchen space. Rolling carts come in various shapes and sizes and can hold all kinds of kitchen essentials — even a heavy standing mixer. Carts can be rolled out of sight and kept in a storage closet, or you could style it neatly for display.

Rotate Ingredients (or Don’t!)

The ingredients and tools in kitchen carts can be rotated to suit the baking project at hand, or you can also choose to stock equipment or non-perishables for long-term storage. For example, nuts should be kept refrigerated, but could be stocked on your cart short-term. Dry goods such as flour and granulated sugar could be stored much longer. Learn more about ingredients storage and essentials in our Baking Basics guide, below.

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Cupboard-Friendly Fixes

Decanting ingredients from large bulky bags into clearly labeled glass jars and canisters will free up lots of cabinet space. Check out our guide for DIY indelible jar labeling, below. These labels won’t scratch of peel away with use or dish washing.

Get the How-To: The DIY (and Charming!) Way to Permanently Label Glass Kitchen Canisters

Tray Organization

Trays are especially handy in the kitchen because they have the ability to anchor all kinds of loose items together. A tray near the kitchen sink can keep small essentials together such as dish soap, sponges and sink stoppers. You can also use them to group large items together, like this pretty collection of cutting boards.

Double-Duty Wine Rack

Avid bakers usually have a variety of rolling pins for different uses, and they are all usually situated awkwardly in drawers and cabinets. Their long baton shape makes them extremely difficult to store with other baking tools. A hanging wine bottle rack will perfectly house the pins and free up valuable drawer space. You can find these at just about any home good store, but most inexpensively at discount retailers.

Dimensional Wall Art

Bundt pans with intricate details are as beautiful as the cakes they form, but storing them can be a hassle. A grouping of pans on a dining room wall will free up valuable cabinet space, and together they make beautiful statement decor. The pans can be hung from their center wells with a single long nail. Vintage varieties have a thoughtfully placed hook on one side of the pan for easy hanging.

More Places to Hang

If you don’t have a lot of wall space, consider hanging pans vertically around doors or in smaller areas, such as above entryways and cabinets.

A Cake for Company

Put those bundt pans to good use with our delicious recipe for Hummingbird Bundt Cake. Usually this recipe is made as a layer cake with all the steps and time constraints that come with such a confection, but we’ve simplified it into a quicker bundt cake with a simple cream cheese glaze.

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Baking Essentials

It goes without saying that sheet pans are essential to bakers. They should be easy to access, but their flat profile encourages other bulky items to be stacked on top of them during storage. Retrieving them can be a frustrating and sometimes noisy task.

Sheet Pan Storage Simplified

Ordinary tension rods will transform a cabinet space into an ideal home for flat pans such as baking sheets and muffin tins. The rods act as dividers which provide more space for pans and make retrieval easier than ever. Find our easy DIY guide, below.

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Share-Worthy Sweets

Try one of our favorite sheet pan recipes — this chewy chocolate chunk cookie. A batch is easy to whip up and they’re reminiscent of our favorite and satisfying chocolate, caramel and peanut candy bars. Find the recipe, below.

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Sprinkle Storage

Stackable clear storage containers make baking decors, chips and sanding sugars quick and easy to locate. You can find plastic storage containers inexpensively at restaurant supply stores and online.

Flavor Saver

Decant bulk baking extracts, oils and flavorful herbs into amber bottles for longer-lasting flavor. This will protect delicate flavorings from UV light, which can sap color and flavor quickly.

Dark Storage

Some herbs and extracts are quite volatile and can lose flavor more easily than others. Citrus extracts are especially prone to lose their strength so consider keeping them in a lidded box for extended storage.

Piping Tip Storage

Piping tips are easily jumbled in the bottom of a cake decorator’s toolbox, and sifting through dozens to find the one you need is a nuisance. Our solution is to keep them in a drawer, separated in small plastic dollar store tackle boxes and lipstick organizers. These clear boxes make it easy to spot what you need quickly, and each tip can be returned to its very own cubby.

Pretty Piping

Learn four of our favorite cupcake-piping techniques using a petal decorator tip, jumbo pastry tubes and a Russian ball piping tip. These piping tips can be found at most kitchen supply stores, and in the baking aisle at craft stores. They’re inexpensive, and allow you to create cakes as beautiful as your favorite boutique bakery.

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Floating Jars

Under-cabinet storage is a simple and handy solution for your most reached-for herbs and seasoning. Strong magnet rings can be found at most home improvement stores and attached under cabinets with extra-strength super glue. Choose small clear jars with metal lids that will attract to the magnets. Use these jars to store ingredients that you will cycle through quickly, so herbs and spices won’t lose their strength over time.

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