8 Stylish Tuxedo Kitchen Designs to Inspire You

Are all-white kitchens on the way out? A recent Zillow study finds that home buyers place a premium on color-blocked tuxedo kitchens in black and white. Here are eight ways to get this on-trend look for your own kitchen space.

Photo By: Ryan Garvin

Photo By: jan stittleburg

Keep it Classic

A classic tuxedo kitchen is typically defined by white upper cabinets and black lower cabinets, as in this kitchen from Ashton Woods, which also incorporates a black center island. This dual-tone look is both chic and timeless. A tuxedo kitchen ups the room’s sophistication without requiring a great deal of time and effort to transform the space. For small kitchens, the look can also brighten and open up the room.

Make it Fun With Quirky Decor

Add more pop and pizzazz to your tuxedo kitchen by integrating thoughtful black and white decorative accents, like the oversized black and white dominoes, dice in a jar, and striped planter on the counter in the design above from Tracy Lynn Studio. These elements soften the floor-to-ceiling black cabinets, which could otherwise overwhelm the small space.

Explore the Grey Area

Put a twist on the typical tuxedo kitchen by harmonizing the two contrasting colors, in this case with glossy, light-reflecting grey subway tiles applied to the entire wall, not just a backsplash. Stainless steel appliances further serve to unify the black and white in a mindful way, as does the brushed stainless steel hardware on kitchen drawers and cabinets.

Tile Is a Simple Way to Start

For those who like the black-and-white look of a tuxedo kitchen, but aren’t ready for mismatched cabinets, an easy place to start is with the floors. A checkered tile is a fabulous way to get the look without making a major investment in cabinets. It’s also a fun way to rev up the foundation of the space and can serve as the basis of a retro-style kitchen, like the one above, which features retro-inspired Northstar appliances.

Incorporate a Pattern

Your look can still be stylish and cohesive, even when straying from the universally appealing color-blocking that traditionally defines a tuxedo kitchen. The geometric-patterned wallpaper harmoniously connects white lower cabinets with the black range hood and sliding barn door in the kitchen above created by interior designer Tineke Triggs at Artistic Designs for Living. The red burner knobs add a playful pop of color.

Make Use of Appliances

Instead of contrasting cabinet colors, choose one color for the cabinets, then another color for the appliances. In the kitchen above, the matte black stove and range hood from Big Chill, as well as black lighting fixtures and countertops, perfectly complement bright white cabinets and dinnerware. The visual appeal of the sleek range, in particular, can break up the monotony of a one-color kitchen and create an engaging focal point in the room.

Don't Limit Yourself to Black

For anyone who’s ever seen Father of the Bride, you know that tuxedos don’t always come in black, so there’s no need to limit yourself to black and white when re-styling your kitchen. A tuxedo kitchen can be navy and white, like the one above from John Rogers Renovations. It’s all up to you and your individual style interests.

Embrace Natural Materials

Soften a black-and-white space with natural elements, like a rustic wooden table, natural wood flooring, and brown leather dining chairs and kitchen stools, as in this space designed by Gretchen Black of Greyhouse Design Firm. A smattering of verdant greenery adds to the natural, organic appeal of the space. Complete the look with classic subway tiles laid out in a herringbone pattern and appliances with custom hardware that can be switched out with the season.

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