20 Nursery Design Trends We're Loving

These baby room trends are hot, hot, hot. Find out why, and get tips to bring the looks to life in your own home.

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May 20, 2019

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Moody Color Palettes

Dark, inky colors have been trending for a while now, and we’re thrilled to see they’re finally making their way into baby rooms. Moody picks like black and navy set the tone for a cozy space with a touch of drama — an accurate depiction of those first few months, don’t you think? Be sure to balance those deep hues with light-hued pieces, like the white crib in this nursery.

Furniture to Grow With Baby

Pint-sized, one-and-done furniture is a thing of the past. Nowadays, parents are opting for versatile pieces that will grow with their kid. Consider a dresser with a removable changing station, a chic glider that will later work in your living room or a convertible crib that will carry you through toddler years.

Boho Textiles

Want your nursery to feel cozier? This is the trend for you. Woven wall hangings, rugs, blankets and mobiles can instantly create texture and warmth. To achieve a bohemian look, choose textiles made from natural materials like macrame, wool, hemp or jute.

Large-Scale Floral Wallpaper

Nothing says baby girl like a beautiful floral backdrop. Stay on trend by choosing a wallpaper with big blooms in soft, muted pastel tones. To keep your space from feeling busy or overdone, choose only one wall for wallpaper, and leave the remaining walls a solid, neutral color.

Snuggle Forts

Snuggles are bound to happen, so why not designate a special spot for them? Today’s parents are embracing forts and tents for cozy cuddles and reading time. To make your hideout feel extra comfy, layer in plenty of blankets and pillows, and situate it close to your collection of books.


When baby’s first born, you’ll likely spend a lot of time indoors. Keep the nursery feeling fresh and energized by bringing the outside in. Choose a houseplant to fit your space, and be sure to select a non-toxic variety, like the butterfly palm, ponytail palm, spider plant, boston fern, baby rubber or prayer plant.

From: Bri Moysa

Feature Walls

This fun trend can be implemented in thousands of different ways. It’s all about designing one wall to shine, whether it’s with a mural, wallpaper or standout artwork. The rest of the room should be kept clean and simple so as not to detract from the focal point. Be sure to choose bedding that coordinates, especially if the feature wall will serve as a backdrop for the crib.

Oriental-Style Rugs

It might not be your first instinct to buy your babe an Oriental-style rug, but gorgeous nurseries and top designers everywhere are certainly making a case for it. The trend is totally customizable, too. Choose a traditional, classic-colored rug for a sophisticated look, or go with a vibrant, bold-hued rug for a playful feel. Choose pillows, throws and accessories that complement the rug's color palette.

Scandinavian Design Inspo

Dreaming of a bright, airy nursery with calming vibes? Consider incorporating Scandinavian style into your design. Choose a room that gets plenty of natural light, and think unadorned furniture, natural wood, clean lines and muted colors. Keep your accents minimal and toys simple.

Animal Portraits

They’re cute, they’re playful and they’re everywhere. We’re talking animal portraits — the big and the small, the bold and the delicate. It’s easy to see why these works of art are so popular. They’re age appropriate and gender neutral, and they work with almost any design scheme. Create a gallery wall with multiple smaller prints, or opt for a one-and-done approach with an oversized portrait.

Statement Light Fixtures

Say goodbye to boring ceiling fans and basic flush-mount domes. Nowadays, stylish nurseries are nothing without a show-stopping light fixture. Consider the style of your space when making a choice, and be sure your light fixture emits the appropriate amount of light for the room.

Sophisticated Artwork

Just because it’s a nursery doesn’t mean the artwork has to be juvenile. Let’s be honest — baby’s not going to have many artistic preferences in his or her first year of life, so you might as well pick art that suits your own taste. In this modern space, framed geometric shapes provide the perfect accent to the clean-lined crib below.

Pom-Poms and Tassels

Make your baby’s space feel fun and upbeat with the addition of tassels and pom-poms. You’ll have no problem finding pillows, blankets, rugs, baskets and wall hangings embellished with these trendy touches. You can also make your own tassels or pom-poms from yarn, and add them to accessories you already have.

Gender-Neutral Color Palettes

Parents everywhere are ditching pink and blue in favor of gender-neutral color palettes, and we’re totally on board with the trend. Choosing neutral tones means more versatility for future spaces and, in turn, less waste. Take a cue from this gorgeous space, and layer soft, calming tones with plenty of texture.

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Tropical Patterns

Bring year-round vacation vibes your little one’s space with bold, leafy prints. Go all in with a patterned accent wall, or just get your toes wet with an accent pillow, throw or artwork. This trend pairs well with natural materials like wicker and rattan and can easily work for a girl or boy room.

From: Bri Moysa

Mod Cribs

Streamline the look of your nursery with a sleek, clean-lined crib. These modern beauties are available in a variety of colors, sizes and styles thanks to an increase in their popularity. Choose simple, understated bedding to keep the design consistent. Accent your crib with a funky mobile overhead.

Farmhouse Vibes

Does your home exude laid-back, Southern style? Keep it going in your baby’s room by adding farmhouse-inspired touches. Install a shiplap accent wall for major impact, or add small-scale accents like a faux animal skin rug or rustic artwork. Opt for a warm, homey color palette with neutrals like greige, beige, brown and off-white.

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Modern Mobiles

If eye-catching artwork isn’t your thing, make a statement in your nursery using a mobile, instead. Today’s mobiles are much chicer than mobiles of yesteryear, now featuring modern shapes, bold lines and fun textures. Check out handmade varieties (or make your own!) for that one-of-a-kind feel.

Graphic Wallpaper

Make your nursery pop with punchy, graphic wallpaper. Consider choosing a removable variety, which is a great way to personalize the space without painting (hello, rental life). Adding a pattern to the walls will also help you keep the rest of the design simple and straightforward — ideal for those parents who are already experiencing decision fatigue.

Grown-Up Aesthetic

Over-the-top nursery designs of decades past are slowly being replaced with softer, subtler looks, and we’re here for it. After all, a nursery design should calm baby and parents alike. This nursery’s ultra-chic design does just that. To get the same grown-up aesthetic, choose neutral color tones, sophisticated artwork and design-savvy furniture pieces.

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