20 Girls' Bedrooms That Aren't Pink

Are you looking for girls’ bedroom ideas that don’t involve bubblegum and cotton candy hues? Is your daughter tired of her pink princess room and pining for something more grown-up? Here are 20 ideas for girls’ bedrooms that offer alternatives to traditional pink decor.

May 22, 2020
By: Mina Hochberg

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Photo By: Michael Hunter Photography

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Photo By: Reagen Taylor

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Photo By: Jessie Preza

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Photo By: Wes Tarca, courtesy of Alisberg Parker Architects

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Statement Bedframe

A bright yellow four-poster bedframe anchors this whimsical and cheery room designed by Chango & Co. "It was a fairly large space and we had a lot of room to work with, which presented a great opportunity for a large statement piece in the center," says creative director Susana Simonpietri of Chango & Co. "We wanted to create a space that felt light, fun and easy but remained timeless and interesting for more mature years ahead."

Eclectic and Bold

In this bedroom for twin 7-year-old girls, designer Kevin Dumais wanted a look that would "feel inspired, but not thematic," while also reflecting the girls' energetic personalities. "We wanted the room to have whimsy without relying on color alone," Dumais says. Tents float over the yellow Jenny Lind beds, the bedside dresser has inlaid pearl, and the fabrics are a daring mix of patterns and textures.

Shades of Blue

Designer Liz Caan chose a palette of blues and purples for this room, with dashes of gold to complete the look. "This young teen girl wanted lots of blues," Caan says. "But we wanted to give the room a little life, so we chose some great lavenders and purples to contrast with the blues."

Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian bedrooms are the way to go for girls with worldly interests. In this room, designer Linda Eyles wanted a "loose and collected" aesthetic as opposed to overly decorated. Eyles draped saris over the four-poster bed and papered the walls in an Arabian-inspired turquoise and metallic gold design. Finally, she decorated the room with family heirlooms for a "fun, layered look."

Make a Statement

Designer Vanessa Alexander accessorized this pre-teen bedroom with a glowing marquee sign above the bed. "We kept the bones, finishes and materials of the room rather classic and versatile, and pulled in elements that reflected this happy pre-teen's interests, like the pops of marigold and a fun marquee sign that contrast with more mature pieces like the modern bubble chandelier," Alexander says.

Contrasting Floral Patterns

Designer Linda Eyles layered this bedroom with contrasting floral and botanical patterns to evoke a feminine sensibility. "We went with bright, airy colors and patterns that feel fresh now and can grow with the girl," Eyles says. "And we used lots of bright white to keep it crisp. Even for the chandelier, the look is a bit more mature."

Cheerful Teal

Teal is a fun shade that brings cheer to any room. Designer Killy Scheer anchored this sunny bedroom with a teal built-in bookcase and matching teal bedframe.

For Horse Lovers

This bedroom designed by Killy Scheer incorporates a horse theme without going overboard. The framed cowgirl art makes a bold statement, but elsewhere in the room, horses make more subtle appearances in the wallpaper and decorative items.

Rustic Charm

This bedroom is perfect for girls who prefer rustic charm over modern sensibilities. The table lamp and wall art have a pastoral appeal, and the muted wallpaper connects the room to the natural world. Designed by Carter Kay Interiors.

Muted Colors

Sometimes the absence of color works more than any bright color scheme. For this room, designer Caitie Smithe of Walter E. Smithe Furniture & Design picked an upholstered bed in a neutral fabric, sleek metal nightstands and a dresser in a clean wood finish. "A sophisticated design in a girl's bedroom not only looks cool and stylish but will also grow with the girl as she becomes a teenager," Smithe says.

Statement Area Rug

The southwestern area rug infuses this charming bedroom with life and color, tying together the splashes of color throughout the room. Designed by Cortney Bishop.

Sophisticated and Stylish

Just because it's a girl's bedroom doesn't mean it has to look like a kid's room. Laura U Interior Design picked sandy tones and a stylish blue bed frame from Blu Dot to create this sophisticated space. "We set out to create a space that was youthful and feminine, but not overly playful or girlish," says Laura Umansky, founder and designer of Laura U.

Black, White and Whimsical

This black-and-white bedroom with a touch of whimsy offers a refreshing take on girls' bedrooms. "We relied on classic basics that will easily transition into teenhood," says Laura Umansky, founder and designer at Laura U Interior Design. To bring out just the right amount of warmth and play, Umansky picked a rug with a feminine flutter pattern, a fun lamp with a rabbit base and a cheerful rainbow pillow.

Romantic Lavender

There's something deeply romantic about this bedroom, from the lavender walls to the silver bed frame. "Lavender walls set the tone for this bright and fresh room," says Susan Alisberg, founding partner at Alisberg Parker Architects. "A ready-made coverlet from John Robshaw Textiles and his coordinating fabric used for the window treatments pull the lavender theme through the decor."

Study in Style

Designer Rachel Cannon picked a turquoise palette to keep this bedroom bright and sunny, with sconces as a traditional touch. The stylized desk space accommodates a girl's varied interests, from studying to music.

Powder Blue

Powder blue with gold accents is a sophisticated color scheme that appeals to girls of all ages. Designer Rachel Cannon designed this room for a pre-teen girl who is now in high school. "Her room is still so perfectly suited for her teen years, and beyond," Cannon says.

Sweet and Simple

The framed flower prints, traditional wallpaper and monogrammed pillows bring a sweet simplicity to this girl's bedroom, which seems fit for a girl with an old soul. Designed by James Farmer.

From: James Farmer

Serenity Now

This peaceful bedroom is a cozy retreat that could almost double as a meditation room. The hanging cocoon chair offers a perfect spot for reading or listening to music, while the muted tones create an overall sense of serenity. Designed by Bria Hammel Interiors.

Butterfly Theme

The butterfly wallpaper in this merry bedroom is mesmerizing to behold and ties together the pops of color around the room. "Our client fell in love with this butterfly fabric from Schumacher," says Susan Alisberg, founding partner at Alisberg Parker Architects. "We upholstered the wall behind the bed with it and drew from the bright colors as inspiration for this young girl's room."

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are a nice way to make a bedroom colorful but also luxurious and grown-up. The velvet upholstery in this room adds an extra touch of opulence. Designed by K. Tyler, principal of interior design with Morgante Wilson Architects.

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