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Saving Water in Style

By: John Riha

From appliances to fixtures, learn how to conserve with flair.

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1. Fabulous Faucet

The contemporary Siderna widespread lavatory bath faucet from Brizo combines sleek elegance with water-saving smarts. The Watersense-certified Siderna has a maximum flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute. $612 with green glass insert handles.

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2. A Faucet With Attitude

The compact profile of Kohler’s San Souci toilet disguises an extra-tall seat height and elongated bowl. The San Souci uses an efficient 1.28 gallon flush and is WaterSense certified, making it eligible for rebates in some municipalities. It retails for $991.

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3. A Clothes Washer with Feelings

The front-loading Pro Series clothes washer from Asko (shown stacked below a matching dryer) uses internal sensors to recognize the size of the laundry load and adjust water usage accordingly. It’s 3.1 integrated water factor (IWF) — a universal measure of water consumption — is one of the lowest you’ll find. It’s also EnergyStar certified, which helps reduce your energy bills. About $2,525.

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4. Aerators Get into the Act

Small but mighty —mighty good at saving water — the Dual Spray Swivel Aerator from Niagara Conservation has a 1.5-gallon-per-minute flow rate and is WaterSense-labeled. The head pivots in any direction to put the stream right where you need it, and it has a pause valve that lets you slow water flow without changing temperature. It retrofits most faucets and includes a 10-year warranty. About $5

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