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Sleek, Modern Kitchens

Learn how to design a modern-style kitchen using features like flat-paneled exotic wood cabinets, sophisticated marble countertops and edgy range hoods.
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Sleek and Fun Kitchen

Sleek finishes, such as the stainless steel island and glossy cabinets, create a modern look in this kitchen design. Patterned chairs and bold, bright artwork offset the room's modern elements. Image courtesy of Jorge Castillo Designs

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Retro or Modern Kitchen?

This space offers the best of both retro and modern design styles. The sleek counter and stainless steel range hood bring a modern feel, while the bright accent colors and chairs are a blast from the past. Overall, the kitchen is designed to entertain and impress. Image courtesy of Jorge Castillo Designs

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Photo: Geoffrey Hodgdon. From: Andreas Charalambous.

Futuristic Kitchen Style

This kitchen is the epitome of sleek and modern. The space features stainless steel appliances and cabinetry, hardwood floors and monochromatic countertops. The light fixture and frosted glass upper cabinets also give the kitchen a futuristic feel. Design by Andreas Charalambous

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Photo: Designer, Gregory Augustine

Warm Accents

Dark walnut cabinetry builds a modern foundation for this kitchen. Materials like stainless steel, custom glass and granite enhance the modern aesthetic while maintaining the elegance of the space. Butter yellow leather stools are the perfect accent to the room. Design by Gregory Augustine

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