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New Ways to Use Marble in Interior Design

Marble is back in a big way, and designers are sharing the hottest trends for this timeless stone. Expect to see more bold veining, color choices and furniture pieces in 2023.

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Photo: Stefan Bucur

What's Old Is New Again

Marble has been a beloved material since ancient times, favored by the elite for its beauty and used to construct temples, statues and public buildings. One can even find streets paved in marble in places such as Athens, Greece. Though soft and porous, this stone has endured for centuries, as has its popularity. No longer limited to the wealthy, marble seems to be everywhere now, and it's no longer limited to bathrooms and kitchens. While the classic travertine look remains timeless, new trends are favoring bold veining, a greater variety of colors and even marble furniture.

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Photo: Stephen Karlisch/ BlueStar

Marble Used on Everything and Everywhere

"Marble in general is very on trend," notes Tanner Morgan, partner and designer of Morgan Madison Design. "As with the increasing focus on and appreciation for handmade, artisanal work, the focus on stone comes from a desire for authenticity, integrity and timelessness in the face of a culture that is often not," Tanner adds. In this kitchen, Tanner chose Calcatta Gold and went all in to make the space feel larger.

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Photo: Bjorg Magnea

A Greater Variety of Marble Colors

"People were used to seeing marble only in white, black and beige colors," says Philip J. Consalvo, principal of PJCArchitecture. "Now that there are so many options in terms of design and colors, interest in using marble has grown exponentially."

Here, "This space was designed around the Pink Onyx stone that the client fell in love with for their daughters’ bathroom," Philip explains. "We had to find a way to make it work and found that designing it a bit more over-the-top complemented the bold stone and its natural veining... The rose gold hardware was also important in this 'more is more,' scenario, and yet it remains unfussy and quite sophisticated."

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Photo: Bjorg Magnea

Bold, Maximalist Veining in Marble

"This powder room is pretty small, but we wanted it to be special," Philip says. "The true statement is the Calacatta Viola sink, and the rest of the room is neutral-toned with lightly textured glass to avoid overwhelming the space. The stone is a beautiful product and essentially a piece of art, so we wanted to give it the presence it deserves," he adds.

Philip goes on to observe, "Bold colors and busy veined marble are very much in these days, especially for modern apartments in urban cities. We’re noticing maximalism is governing residential design in 2023, and clients want their spaces to stand out with personality rather than blending in. While eclectic design isn't particularly new, it has been seen more and more with an evolving, less kitschy, more sophisticated style."

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