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12 Ways to Shop Smarter and Safer Online

Spreading your credit card number over the Internet can leave your personal and bank information vulnerable. Follow these 12 tips that will turn you into a smart online shopper.

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Store Passwords Safely

It's tempting to keep all your passwords in one document on your computer, but you're begging for them to be lifted or hacked. Instead, use a safe, strong password manager such as LastPass or Dashlane to help you store them.

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Don't Use a Debit Card

If they fall into the wrong hands, debit cards are unlikely to offer the same protection as credit cards. It's easier for someone to drain your account and hard for you to recover the money.

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Keep Tabs on Online Orders

Online purchases are tough to keep track of while they're being processed and shipped. The Slice app tracks your packages and keeps track of your receipts, and lets you know if the item you purchased has gone down in price, so you can get a refund.

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Check the Return Policy

Before you hit the purchase button online, know whether you can send it back, if you or the company will pay for the return and whether there's a restocking fee.

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