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10 Unique Home Theater Themes

These 10 unique home theater themes show off the newest and most elaborate trends in home theater design.
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1. Beam Me Up, Scotty

Walking into this unique home theater feels eerily similar to walking aboard the Starship Enterprise or Voyager. Equipped with computer-controlled LED lighting, this virtual spaceship can change from color to color at the touch of a button — even to "red alert" if problems arise. The room has 11 seats, a large screen and state-of-the-art electronics.

Designed by Audio Advisors, Inc. in West Palm Beach, Fla., the room is so impressive it was named best overall themed theater in 2007 by CEDIA, an organization of leading custom home theater installation contractors.

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2. To The Batcave!

While this is only a conceptual rendering, Elite Home Theater Seating owner Bobby Bala describes what it's been like designing the ultimate batcave home theater. "I think it will surpass everyone's expectations," he says.

One feature the theater will have that isn't shown is a life-size replica of the Bat Mobile seen in The Dark Knight, which will sit in an adjacent room. He also plans to add a lobby and concession area, and a few cozy details straight out of the Wayne Manor to avoid a too-cold, cave-like feel in the room. Bala expects the theater and surrounding rooms to be finished in the next few months.

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3. Hoop Dreams

This media room is any NBA fan's dream come true. Equipped with more than 20 plasma and LCD displays, a bar/kitchenette, bathrooms, and billiard and poker area, basketball lovers have no reason to leave.

HomeTronics, Inc., of Dallas, designed this sports paradise, which even includes motorized telescopic poles around the poker table that lower screens from the ceiling, allowing each player to watch whichever game they want. This room took home CEDIA's 2006 best overall media room award, and for good reason.

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4. For Art's Sake

Disguised as a stunning art gallery, this home theater features a stealthy but innovative design. It is adorned with beautiful works of art but also boasts a retractable 14-foot multimedia screen, drop-down plasma screens, and a hidden gallery kitchen and guest quarters.

Designed by Baumesiter Electronic Architects of Niles, Ill., this artsy room is the perfect place to entertain guests in a variety of ways.

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