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11 Clever Ways to Get Your Wedding Guests Involved

It may be your big day, but it’s your guests who can kick the experience into high gear and make your wedding unforgettable. Try these smart ideas for getting your guests invested in the wedding festivities.
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Photo: TweetWall Pro

TweetWall Pro

Tweet your wedding, Times Square-style: Create a TweetWall that gets projected at your event, so guests can see their Tweets appear live with a custom hashtag.

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Photo: Kathy Roney

QR Code Wedding Favors

Hook up your guests with a digital party favor — the wedding playlist, a movie or a collection of photos, for instance — via a QR code imprinted on letterpress cards. Just scan and get your swag to remember the happy couple by.

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Wedding Party App

This app makes it easy for your wedding guests (AKA smartphone-ographer army) to send their photos to one collective nuptial album. Now you’ll be able to look back on all the unexpected candids as seen through your guests’ eyes. The app also lets guests create a digital guest book with their profiles and stories, and keeps everyone in the loop on wedding details.

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Photo: Guesterly


You’ve heard of wedding programs, but how about wedding credits? Guesterly creates beautiful booklets that introduce your entire guest list to the major players of the wedding, including fun facts and pictures.

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