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Marble Bathroom Countertops

By: Kim Hildenbrand
Add a touch of luxury to your bathroom with marble countertops, which will last for years and age beautifully.
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Timeless Elegance

Marble countertop is a favorite for high-end baths. This White Venatino marble, with shades of white-gray and swirling black, is a classic choice. Photo courtesy of Walker Zanger

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Classic Flair

This Carrara polished marble imparts a fresh, clean appearance. Marble tends to be more practical in kitchens than in baths, due to fewer spills and lighter use. Photo courtesy of AKDO

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Small Space, Big Style

A vanity topped in Light Turkish polished marble makes a big splash in a small bath. The timeless surface lasts for years. Photo courtesy of AKDO

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Engineered Marble

Engineered marble countertop is an alternative to natural stone. Made from 93 percent marble and seven percent resin and pigments, it requires less maintenance and offers greater durability. Photo courtesy of Cosentino Marlique Marble