Small Space Solution: School Supply Storage Cart

If your kids don’t have a dedicated area for studying or a place to stash all their art and school supplies, then a rolling storage cart may be the answer.

August 05, 2019

Organize With Ease

With a few clever storage hacks and tips, your kids will have the flexibility to go almost anywhere in the house to study, craft or chill out.

Space-Saving Lap Desk

Not everyone requires a sprawling work surface to do homework or draw, so a lap desk is ideal — especially for younger children. When the lap desk isn’t in use, keep it from "disappearing" with that extra shower ring that usually comes in most sets.


Power up your supply cart with a small extension cord or power strip. Secure it using zip ties, Velcro or heavy-duty, double-stick tape. This way kids can plug into nearby outlets and keep tablets and laptops charged up.

Grab + Go Art Caddy

Keep the portability party going with a lightweight plastic caddy. Whether the kids are sprawled out on the living room floor, on the patio or at the kitchen island, their supplies travel easily and (hopefully) stay neat and tidy.

Mobile Library

Encourage reading by creating a mini-mobile library on your cart. Keep their favorite books on the top shelf and stabilize them with magazine holders, that way they don’t topple over when the cart is on the move. Include a timer to help track reading, study or screen time.

Quiet Time

If you have a particularly loud and busy household, a good pair of noise-canceling headphones can be a smart investment. For some kids, especially those on the spectrum or with ADHD, the quiet time they provide is essential when it's time to focus or wind down after a really stimulating day. And the headphones easily hook onto the corner of the cart

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