Lavish Estate With Formal Entry

This elegant estate is rich with visual interest thanks to a long oval driveway and formal garden. Retaining walls, tall trees and bright flowers provide privacy, as well as a touch of color.

Photo By: Jay Rosenblatt

Photo By: Jay Rosenblatt

Photo By: Jay Rosenblatt

Photo By: Jay Rosenblatt

Photo By: Jay Rosenblatt

Photo By: Jay Rosenblatt

Photo By: Jay Rosenblatt

Welcoming Entrance to Traditional-Style Home

An expansive driveway leads guest to the front of this luxurious estate. The traditional architecture combines stacked stone exterior with sophisticated gray shingles, while manicured landscaping and formal gardens reflec tthe home's style.

Traditional Home With Formal Garden

A formal garden provides a grand entry to this stunning estate with classic architecture. The overall theme of the house is reflected in all the landscape and hardscape spaces throughout the expansive property.

Grand Entrance to Traditional Estate

Surrounding trees create a privacy for this luxurious estate. The sloped property is maximized by creating multiple levels with retaining walls that are landscaped with beautiful flowers and shrubs.

Luxurious Private Estate With Formal Garden

An expansive driveways leads to a large private estate with formal gardens and outdoor spaces. Manicured lawns combine with lush flower beds to create a a grand entryway to the home.

Elegant Entry to Luxurious, Traditional Home

The overall formal theme of the private estate is reflected in all the landscape spaces, plantings and materials used for the hardscapes. Stone urns are centered in geometric plantings of hedges, while a stone walkway leads to the grand entryway of the house.

Cozy Fire Pit is a Welcoming Retreat

The sloped property is maximized by terracing the backyard and creating a variety of outdoor spaces. The traditional-style building reflects the look of the main home and houses the mechanical equipment. The cozy fire pit area features built-in stone benches, while a grouping of Adirondack chairs sits on the patio to take in the warmth.

Tree-Lined Backyard is Lush, Inviting

Stone steps and retaining walls are used to terrace down the sloped property of this expansive private estate. They lead down to a large formal area with brick walkways, manicured lawns and a simple water feature. Stone urns are filled with beautiful flowers to bring color to the backyard.

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