Luxurious Tropical Oasis

This tropical pool features a sunken seating area with fire pit and is surrounded by attractive stone pavers. An ipe wood walkway and an in-wall fire feature add to the luxurious feel of the space.

Photo By: Joe Traina

Photo By: Joe Traina

Photo By: Joe Traina

Photo By: Joe Traina

Photo By: Joe Traina

Photo By: Joe Traina

A Backyard Oasis Bursting with Elements for Entertaining

This South Florida home's outdoor space offers an abundance of luxurious features. Neutral stone pavers surround the coping around the edge of the pool as well as a pathway made of linear-cut ipe wood. A circular seating area in the middle of the pool includes a fire pit, making it a dramatic focal point.

A Serene Poolscape With Multiple Focal Points

This South Florida home's backyard poolscape features multiple entertainment areas defined by the use of varying hardscape materials. A feature wall with a gallery-like installation of fire sconces and water spouts is contrasted by the stone hearth and fireplace across the ipe wood patio to its right. The sunken seating area and fire pit within the swimming pool are unique features that emphasize the drama and luxury of this outdoor space.

A Tropical Pool Space With Unique Features For Entertaining

A geometric South Florida swimming pool includes a sunken circular seating area that's comfortably appointed with neutral pillows and cushions, providing ample area for relaxation around a central fire pit. Corners of the pool feature plants such as Mexican Fan palms that are set in dark, tumbled pebbles and framed by neutral stone pavers or dark ipe wood.

A Dramatic Sunken Fire Pit Area in the Middle of a Pool

This South Florida home boasts a unique outdoor entertaining space highlighted by a sunken circular fire pit in the swimming pool. The space features ample cushions for relaxing as well as a bespoke lighting arrangement in the seating area and swimming pool.

A Luxurious Outdoor Entertainment Paradise

This South Florida home boasts multiple outdoor entertainment areas in one cohesive design. Neutral stone pavers cover patios and walls to create a harmonious feel throughout the three distinct spaces seen here. A sunken seating area in the pool is framed by the same stone material used in the coping around the pool's edge, helping to connect and define the spaces. Rough-hewn stone veneers are carried throughout the covered lounge and kitchen areas.

A Corner Hot Tub Invites You to Relax

Set in the corner of this entertaining backyard oasis, the spa-like hot tub invites visitors to relax. Accessible via a stone walkway over the pool, or an elevated lounge area, the hot tub provides a view of the entire backyard and is framed by tall walls for privacy. A cut-out recessed wall behind the hot tub provides the perfect place to set candles or other decorative elements.

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