32 Gorgeous Outdoor Spaces Featured in the Designer of the Year Awards

These outdoor designs feature stunning swimming pools, pretty patios and arresting views. You won't want to miss these spectacular outdoor spaces featured in the 2019 Designer of the Year Awards.

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Small Beach Cottage with Cute Porch

This cute coastal cottage has plenty of windows to let in natural light. Just past the porch seating area, a bright blue door is welcoming.

Gray Exterior and Covered Porch

Back behind the house, a covered porch matches the sleek simplicity of the rest of the exterior. Beneath the porch is a most inviting dining area with a rug to anchor the table and container gardens softening each of the four corners.

Covered Patio With White Sofa

A pergola makes shade over this patio sitting area, overlooking the pool and hot tub.

Coastal Waterfront Patio With Benches

Concrete benches get a plush upgrade with thick, striped cushions and plump pillows. A long rectangular fire pit warms the scene.

Instant Access to the Beach

A sandy path lined with grasses leads directly to the beach from the home's luxe rear deck.

Beach House Deck With Fire Pit

Off the side of the house is a wonderful deck, warmed by a fire pit and sheltered by the house and a low wall. Water views expand to the horizon.

Contemporary Terrace with Facing Sofas

Bold Mediterranean blue upholstery livens up this outdoor terrace overlooking a tranquil waterside scene. Deep, facing sofas with an ottoman in between provide a comfortable spot for outdoor conversation.

Rear Deck Illuminated at Night

The spacious back deck features plenty of seating options for beach side entertaining and relaxation at its finest.

Pool and Covered Patio With Outdoor Fireplace and Balcony

This exterior space features a swimming pool next to a covered patio that includes an outdoor fireplace. A balcony supported by columns overlooks the space.

Contemporary Connecticut Home with Lake View

This estate-size home in Connecticut has as much to enjoy outdoors as it does indoors, with a modern pool and an oversized lounge chair paired with a modern firebox. The contemporary, 14,000-square-foot house rests on 30 acres designed to revolve around magnificent water views of Lake Lillinonah in Litchfield County.

Contemporary Pool and Lounge Chairs in Newport Beach

Oversized lounge chairs provide a perfect spot to enjoy both the poolside atmosphere and the view at this waterfront Newport Beach, California, home. Sophisticated city living meets the comfort and casualness of beachside relaxation in this 12,710-square-foot new build on the bay.

Outdoor Dining Table With Heavy-Duty Market Umbrella

An outdoor dining table with a heavy-duty market umbrella turns the backyard into an al fresco dining oasis. The cafe string lights offer an additional romantic touch.

Contemporary Waterfront Beach House

Broad windows are the defining feature of the rear facade of this stunning Newport Beach, California, home. Due to the ample fenestration, nearly every room in this waterfront house has a view. In the party-ready backyard, a sleek, modern pool and multiple seating areas provide a range of entertainment options for guests.

Oceanfront Balcony and Striped Curtains

Broad blue and white stripes (courtesy of curtains) set the stage for this balcony's wonderful beach views and cafe table oasis.

Patio With Stock Tank Pool

This home's petite outdoor space goes the distance with a wee stock tank pool and a contemporary sitting area.
From: Bri Moysa

Tropical Porch With Water Views

Beachy views everywhere you look and a shady, comfortable spot from which to enjoy them. This tropical-style porch is outdoor hangout central.

Mountainside Home Features 2,000 Feet of Covered Patios

This stunning mountainside home in Phoenix includes 2,000 square feet of covered patios that extend along three sides of the home, offering panoramic views and outdoor access to almost every room in the house. The renovation of this home removed additive Spanish revival design features which obstructed the views and detracted from the home's style. A second story addition cantilevered over the property added an extra bedroom while preserving lower-level outdoor living space.

Backyard With Stock Tank Pool

This small outdoor space doesn't take no for an answer with its stock tank pool and succulent container garden. Summer fun, heck yeah!
From: Bri Moysa

Covered Sitting Area With Vines

A covered sitting area seems made for the Tuscan countryside with a vine border and two ornate mirrors. And the pool is a hop, skip and jump away.

Mediterranean Patio With Urn Fountains

A seat at either of these outdoor tables is treated to the tranquil sound of falling water. Fountains bubble over in the garden bed just above.

Pool and Patio

A covered patio gives way to this sparkling blue beauty of a pool. Diving board, included!

Cabin Deck With Yellow Bench

A huge deck extends off the living area, letting occupants dine and hang out amidst the treetops.

Covered Patio With Outdoor Kitchen

This lounge includes all the benefits of being outdoors, as well as shelter from sun and rain when needed. An outdoor kitchen and comfortable seating are made to order for summer weekends.

Sunken Patio With Arbor

One of the home's delightful outdoor spaces is this sunken patio. The patio itself is stone, carefully constructed to blend harmoniously into the setting. Over the dining area, vines climb up and around a steel arbor to make a lush canopy.

Patio Sitting Area and Pool

The home's outdoor spaces are just as inviting as the indoor ones. Start cocktail hour at this sitting area; its bar cart offers location flexibility. Then there's a gorgeous pool. And on the pool's other side is a hot tub and more room for lounging. Heaven!

Porch With Orange Pots

Accordion doors fold up to allow access to this fun porch, with a fireplace and lots of bright, cheerful color accents.

Patio Dining Area With Striped Bench Cushion

A long banquette lines one edge of the patio, ensuring there's always room for one more at outdoor dinner parties.

Modern Home and Patio with Retractable Walls

Retractable walls open the indoor spaces of this modern home to its luxurious backyard pool and outdoor dining room. Wood accents on the ceiling bring visual warmth to the dining area, while flush-mounted infrared heaters add literal warmth, making the space functional all year round.

Outdoor Deck With Cityscape Views

Take in all the lush, park views from this neutral NYC patio with wood paneling and crisp, white outdoor furniture.

Modern Outdoor Dining Room with Heaters

Bold blue bases on the outdoor chairs give a fun party vibe to this mod outdoor dining room, which features ceiling-mounted infrared heaters to warm the space in colder months. A dramatic accent wall brings depth and dimension to the space, while a retractable wall opens it fully to the indoors.

Limestone Structure Defines Entry to Stylish Mountainside Home

An extension to the edge of the home is clad in limestone, differentiating it from the stucco structure behind it and creating a clear entry space to the home. An elegant gate at the entrance to the covered walkway provides extra security for the homeowners without detracting from the style of the home.

Beach House Balcony Offers Panoramic Views of Sand Dunes, Atlantic Ocean

A public beach access walkway creates additional space between this New Hampshire beach house and the neighboring one and opens up more panoramic views from the two upper levels of the home. Glass safety walls were chosen for the balcony, limiting the interruption of the views of the sand dunes and Atlantic Ocean.

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