Halloween Trick-or-Treat Candy Station

Delight trick-or-treaters of all ages with an outdoor candy bar that features kids' favorite treats packaged using our free printable designs.

Take the Fun Outside

Take Halloween to a whole new level this year by setting up an outdoor candy station for your trick-or-treaters. Kids will go crazy when they see a big display of sweet and salty treats. Add a handmade "BEWARE" banner to your front door for the perfect finishing touch; our free printable letters plus a few basic craft supplies make putting your own banner together a snap. Learn how to make the banner plus download templates.

Make a Gaggle of Ghosts

These fabric hanging ghosts are easy to make and are a not-too-scary addition to your outdoor Halloween decorations. Get the step-by-step instructions.

Set the Scene

Start with a simple shelf then dress it up with creepy decor — furry spiders, black crows, plastic skulls and skeletons are all good choices. You could also drape the shelf with cheesecloth or spider webs for an added frightening effect.

Light the Way

These luminaries aren't just cute, they're also a safe way to illuminate the path to your front door. Just fill clear buckets or glass cylinders with sand and flameless candles then add a jack-o'-lantern decal or use a permanent marker to give each luminary a personality. Ready to craft your own? Get the step-by-step instructions.

Set a Candy Trap

Trick-or-treaters will be filled with excitement as they approach your front door and see all the treats on display. For a little Halloween trick before they claim their treat, have someone hide behind the bushes and pop out as they approach.

Craft Your Own Favor Bags

Keep a ready supply of small paper favor bags embellished with our Halloween party circles on hand for the kids to fill with candy. Set up a spooky skeleton to keep watch over the bags and treats.

Get Creative With Displays

Display your treats the same way a candy shop does by varying the height, size and shape of the containers. Apothecary jars, clear canisters and embellished bags are all great choices. You can also easily create a "graveyard" of lollipops like we did, using a shallow basket or box, florist foam and Spanish moss.

Whip Up Some Snack Mix

White chocolate-covered popcorn mixed with pretzels and chocolate candy is a fun snack to hand out to trick-or-treaters. All that walking can tire them out and sometimes they need to munch on something other than candy. Cut down standard lunch bags, embellish with our free printable Halloween designs and fill the bags with this sweet-meets-salty snack. Get the recipe.

Have Fun With Names

Be sure to give your treats names that continue the spooky Halloween theme. For instance, black licorice rolls make perfect black cat tails. Get started by downloading your own printable labels.

Stock Up on Gumballs

Gumballs are always a great choice for a kids' candy bar. They're available in so many colors that it's easy to coordinate them to your scheme. Be sure to set out scoops to keep sticky little hands out of the jars.

DIY Trick-or-Treat Bags

Kids will love creating their own trick-or-treat bags. With a few basic craft supplies and our printable templates, they can add a glittering witch, spider or bats in any color they'd like. Help them craft their bags a few days before Halloween so the bags can dry thoroughly.

Let Older Kids Help Themselves

The kids will love picking out which candy and treats they want to try. If they're old enough, let them fill up their treat bags themselves. The small scoops are perfect for keeping portions in check.

Have a Parent Help Little Ones

Be sure to help the littlest trick-or-treaters get the right amount of goodies. Designate someone to man the station so that there are enough treats to go around.

Gather the Ghouls

The kids will be all smiles after they fill their bags (and tummies!) with goodies. It's so much fun to see all your favorite trick-or-treaters dressed up in costumes.

Take Lots of Photos

Keep your camera handy so you can snap pics of all the neighborhood kids dressed up in their Halloween finery.

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