10 Outdoor Candle Ideas

Add candles to any outdoor space to create a serene environment and soft lighting come nightfall.

©Image courtesy of Sunbrella

Hanging Candle Lantern

Hang a candle lantern from a tree branch above a seating area to create a serene reading nook.

Surrounded by Candles

This outdoor porch surrounded by candles is a great place to unwind from your day. Submitted by RMS user cobbcottage.

Floating Candles Centerpiece

Three butterfly-shaped candles floating in a bowl can work as a centerpiece for an outdoor party.

A Row of Candles

An outdoor amphitheater room includes a long wooden table lined with candles.

Luminaries at Night

Luminaries are a great way to add light to an outdoor space during nighttime.

Outdoor Ambiance

Placing a candle lantern and single candles outside can change the whole ambiance of the space.

A Standing Candle Lantern

A standing candle lantern looks great next to an outdoor chair. Photo courtesy of Taylor King Furniture.

Nature-Inspired Candleholder

This wood candleholder from db Sources is a great addition to any outdoor room.

Outdoor Candle Lantern

This candle lantern can sit on any piece of furniture. Photo courtesy of Stanley Furniture.

Hassle-Free Candle Design

Decorating with candles during the fall season is a hassle-free, budget-friendly way to show your spirit.

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