30+ Ways to Make Your Home Pinterest Perfect

Get ready to break the Internet (and make all your friends jealous!) -- our 31 designer tricks will help you create a picture-perfect home.

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Photo By: Tobi Fairley

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Go for the Gold

Buh-bye brushed nickel and patinated bronze, glittering gold is taking center stage. From lighting fixtures to gilded furniture, this hot hue has taken the design world by storm. Even a few small touches — like swapping out kitchen cabinet hardware or working in a few gleaming accessories will give your home an on-trend update.  

Try a Cruelty-Free Take on Taxidermy

Mounted trophies are an easy way to lend a woodsy, lodge-style look to any space but if, you're like me, the idea of mounting the severed head of a once-living soul to the wall is a definite no. Instead, give a playful nod to the trend with a mounted silhouette cut from antiqued lumber. 

Color Your World

Goodbye greige, designers have fallen back in love with color. But, like anything, too much of a good thing can be, well, too much. To create a pleasing palette, take a cue from designer Tobi Fairley and limit your main colors to three choices. 

Put Weathered Wood to Work

Reclaimed wood walls are hot, hot, hot! But, they can also be oh-so-cool as designer Brooke Wagner proves in this small bedroom where silvery gray boards installed in a timeless herringbone pattern create a dreamy backdrop. 

Brush Up Your Bookshelf

FYI: #shelfies are a thing. That's right, people everywhere are styling their bookshelf, then proudly posting photos for the world to see. The key to a well-styled bookshelf is to start with an interesting backdrop, like wallpaper or a kicky paint color, then layer on more color and pattern with assorted books or magazines and mix in a few of your favorite tchotchkes. To take your bookshelf to the next level on the cheap, turn prefab cabinets into a custom built-in

Say It With Signage

Whether it’s a faux-tique you crafted yourself or a real deal antique, vintage-looking signs are a sure way to add a quirky bit of character to any space. Check local thrift stores, estate sales and auctions for legitimate trade signs or craft your own with our step-by-step instructions

Take Mason Jars to the Next Level

Hands down, Mason jars are one of the best storage options around. Turn them into a space-saving solution as well by attaching the lids to the underside of kitchen cabinets, filling the jars with dry goods, then screwing the jar onto the lid. Get more tips from our friends at HGTV Magazine

Chalk It Up

Chalkboard paint's popularity has been on the rise for a while and shows no signs of declining soon. It's not surprising — coating a tabletop, terra cotta pot or even an interior wall with a few coats of chalkboard paint is an easy, budget-friendly way to turn the everyday into something extraordinary. Ready to try it out? Give your kitchen backsplash a bistro look with our step-by-step instructions

Corral Clutter With a Tray

Trays are indeed handy-dandy things — equally useful for turning assorted coffee table tchotchkes into a vignette as they are for serving cocktails when guests arrive. Purchase or craft your own decorative tray and use it in the bathroom to stylishly store toilettries or in the kitchen to corral countertop clutter. 

Try Some Tuft Love

Working in a piece of tufted upholstery is a surefire way to take any room's look from so-so to sophisticated. If you're planning to have furniture reupholstered, consider springing for tufting — it will definitely add onto the bottom line but the luxurious look is timeless. 

Pretty Up Your Powder Room

This tiniest room in most homes is also the one the majority of guests will see. Give this small space its due with a picture-perfect makeover — pair graphic wallpaper in a happy hue with gleaming metallics to create a jewel-box effect. 

Go Retro

Whether your taste in boomerang style leans more toward the glamour of old Hollywood or midcentury modern is your vintage of choice, the good news is that everything old is new again. Mix in touches of your favorite retro look or go all in and create a space that epitomizes the era. Get 20 tips for rocking a mid-mod look

Rely on Rope

Both nautical and rustic, rope's rough-and-ready texture and ease of use has it popping up all over the design world. Budget-friendly and readily available, transform any number of items in your home with this hardware-store staple. Our friends at HGTV Magazine share 5 easy DIYs to craft with rope.

Make Gray Your Go-To

Move over, tan — there's a new neutral in town. From barely-there tones, like driftwood, to saturated shades, like charcoal and slate, gray is the updated way to create a neutral backdrop. Use a combination of light and dark grays for a serene space or pair gray with kickier colors like sunshine yellow, hot pink or turquoise for a fresh look. Tour 15 beautiful bedrooms in shades of gray

Freshen Up With Flowers

Nothing puts the finishing touch on a beautiful room like a vase of fresh-cut flowers. Grab a pair of scissors and head outdoors to snip blooms in season. In cooler months, rely on greenery or pick up fresh blooms at the grocery store. 

Give Pallets New Purpose

Wood pallets are one of those rare, readily available and free (seriously, what's not to like about free?!) castoffs that can be upcycled into so many useful items. From a wine rack to a mobile pet bed to outdoor furniture, the DIY design options are nearly endless. 

Get Creative With Paint

No runner, no problem. Designer Sarah Richardson put paint and assorted house numbers to work to turn her foyer's staircase into a fun focal point. Get 50 more ways to harness the transformative power of paint

Make Kids' Rooms More Playful

Let's be honest: I know plenty of adults who'd like to have a bubble chair hanging in their room. That aside, the tip here is to design your child's room with play in mind — choose furntiture that makes everyday activities like reading a book or working on their laptop a bit more fun. Fill the space with colors that pop and provide plenty of hidden storage to leave floor space free for playtime.

Go for a Gallery Wall

A great way to put your memories on display, a gallery wall's asymmetrical installation makes it a DIY project anyone can tackle. Just gather up favorite framed pieces and any other flat, lightweight items that can be hung, like architectural remnants, shells, trays or other serveware. Decide the placement of the largest items first, then fill in with smaller pieces. Get more tips for a picture-perfect gallery wall

Show Your Stripes

From traditional ticking to bold bands of color, stripes are one of those patterns that work in any style of room — from preppy to ultra-mod. DIY the look with painter's tape and two similar paint shades or create a fun focal wall with wallpaper. 

"Nail" An Updated Furniture Look

An easy furniture update you can do yourself, nailhead trim is a timeless finishing touch that gives even mod fabrics a more traditional twist. Get our tips for nailing this trendy look. 

Rock a Collected-Over-Time Look

While trends in collectibles may vary, antiques are perennially in-fashion in interior design. So pick something you love — tea cups, stamps or, in the case of this home, handblown demijohns and wooden shoe forms — then dispay the pieces en masse as a collection. 

Wow With Wallpaper

Wallpaper may have taken a hiatus from the design scene for a decade or more but it's back big-time — brighter and bolder than before. If covering every wall in a room feels like overkill, take a cue from designer Sarah Richardson and cover only one wall to create a feature wall. Get our tips for installing wallpaper.  

Put Even the Smallest Spaces to Work

Especially for urbanites and apartment dwellers, every square foot counts. Here, designer Brian Patrick Flynn mounted a floating shelf to a corkboard wall to turn this unused space into a functional home office. Get more of Brian's small-space tips

Pop In a Cheery Color

A bright pop of color is a surefire way to take any room's look from just functional to fun. If adding a hot pink sofa is too big of a step, start small and work in bold color with pillows or a throw. 

Style Your Sips

Even if happy hour isn't your thing, you've probably noticed that home bars and cocktail culture have become the toast of the design world. Really, it's no wonder — cocktails are delicious, plus bar necessities are just so stylish. Short on space? Partake in the trend by whipping up a fold-away pallet bar with our step-by-step instructions. Or, if you're thirsty, wet your whistle with one of our easy cocktail recipes

Give a Nod to Nautical

Always in style, this beachy-chic look sets most of us dreaming of seaside getaways. Make every day feel a bit like a vacation by bringing the coastal look home. Just pair watery hues with rough textures, like rope or wicker, and mix in a few nautical touches like anchors, paddles or shells. Get more tips for coastal-inspired design

Opt for a Moody Hue

Storm cloud gray celings, wall and trim lend a restful and decidedly masculine feel to this chic living room. In rooms designed for focus, like media rooms, home offices and libraries, carrying the wall color onto both the trim and ceiling minimizes visual distraction and creates a more unified look.

Give Marble Its Moment

Whether its Carrara, Calacatta or Danby, marble tops designers' lists of craveable surfaces. And, it's no wonder, this luxe material has been a symbol of prestige and wealth for centuries. Luckily, adding a bit of marble to your home doesn't have to cost a king's ransom. To stay within budget, start small by adding a DIY marble tile backsplash.

X Marks the Spot

X's have been popping up everywhere lately — from stools and trestle-style furniture to window and kitchen cabinet mullions. Forget "A," X has shot to the top of the interior design world's lexicon. 

Make a Statement With Lighting

Like a cherry on top, the right fixture puts the finishing touch on any room. To really kick up the drama and highlight a dramatic fixture, take a cue from designer Tobi Fairley and paint the ceiling in a look-at-me hue. Learn about the different types of light fixtures

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