Tour the Mushroom House in Pittsford, N.Y.

Built by architect James Johnson in 1971, this funky modern home is a piece of art, featuring contributions from several artists. Take a tour of this unique and playful residence.

Photo By: Rich Testa

Photo By: Lori Farr

Photo By: Lori Farr

Photo By: Lori Farr

Photo By: Lori Farr

Photo By: Lori Farr

Home Exterior

Locals refer to the home as the Mushroom House, but the inspiration for the residence was actually the wildflower, Queen Anne’s Lace.

Pod Exterior

The home is made up of five interconnected pods, each 30 feet in diameter. The pods were constructed from 80 tons of poured concrete, lifted into place by a crane.

Great Room

Designed by Adam Chesis, the massive mushroom stem is the focal point of the center pod, where we find the kitchen and sitting area. The floors are covered in 9,000 ceramic tiles hand-fired by Marguerite Antell, the home’s original owner.


The addition – also designed by James Johnson and built in 2001 – features a mahogany tree-like structure designed by Adam Chesis. The space is also equipped with a custom fireplace and full kitchen.


Curving countertops and cabinet pulls give the kitchen a truly natural feel.


Inside and out, the walls and ceilings of the Mushroom House are sand-molded and decorated by artists including original homeowner Marguerite Antell and sculptor Pepsy Kettavong. Colorful mosaic tiles line this tunnel leading to a cave-like underground addition.

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