An East Village Entrepreneur's Peaceful Manhattan Home

Chillhouse CEO Cyndi Ramirez makes smart use of a small space and infuses her home with some chill, peaceful vibes.

July 18, 2019

Photo By: Victoria Morris

Photo By: Victoria Morris

Photo By: Victoria Morris

Photo By: Victoria Morris

Photo By: Victoria Morris

Photo By: Victoria Morris

Photo By: Victoria Morris

Photo By: Victoria Morris

Photo By: Victoria Morris

Photo By: Victoria Morris

Eclectic Gathering Space

As the founder and CEO of Chillhouse — the Lower East Side’s laid-back cafe/day spa — it’s no surprise that Cyndi Ramirez’s home in NYC is infused with calm, peaceful vibes. Cyndi has designed her contemporary one-bedroom apartment to foster that same sense of relaxation and tranquility, even in the city that never sleeps. Her living room is full of eye-catching details from the black velvet sofa with textured accent pillows to an eclectic array of artwork and accessories.

Glam Details

Ramirez's living room is brimming with a mixture of glam accessories and lush greenery. She describes the foliage throughout her space as a getaway from the bustling city. "There’s no reason you can’t bring the outdoors indoors to create a clean, semi-cool vibe against louder decorations."

Cozy Corner

Ramirez's plants create a bright, engaging arrangement on the windowsill where they thrive in an abundance of natural light. All the rage right now, a rust velvet chair overlooks the living room next to a transparent brass entertainment center. The glass coffee table adds to the transparency theme Ramirez has curated in her space.

Personal Touches

The living room also serves as a hub for total relaxation. Small elements throughout, like crystals and candles, help facilitate a comfy and zen atmosphere in Ramirez’s abode.

Masculine Infusions

To bring in elements of her husband’s tastes, Ramirez incorporates masculine touches throughout their home, as seen here in the kitchen area. An artisanal, rustic wooden table takes center stage in the dining area while a brass bookshelf houses novels and colorful figurines.

All That Glitters Is Gold

Many beautifully-styled vignettes are placed throughout Ramirez’s home to add polish and personality to each space. She achieves this look atop the dining table by placing decorative items inside a gold metal tray. Filling the textured glass vases with tropical foliage creates a Tulum, Mexico-inspired vibe that she loves.

Small Space Solution

Outside the kitchen and in the entryway, a chic, elongated-oval mirror adorns the wall. The mirrored shelf provides a gathering place for more of Ramirez’s zen belongings. She says this spot is the ideal place to apply her makeup because of the abundance of natural light.

Displace Space

When it comes to small homes, storage is key. Beauty products fill the chic white shelving in the bedroom for easy access as well as a colorful display. Ramirez believes that "clutter doesn’t have to be hidden. It can represent your style and is a part of you so display it loud and proud with a modern shelving option."

California Inspiration

The peaceful and zen design story is carried into the master bedroom where Ramirez combines midcentury modern furnishings with bohemian accessories for an overall simple-yet-stylish feel. A warm, patterned rug offers a modish contrast to the white bedding and walls. She says her design inspiration comes from places she’s traveled with her husband — like Venice, California with its airy surroundings and bountiful plant life.

Open Shelving

Ramirez has opted for an open-shelving concept for many of her belongings. She says, "Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend clearly didn’t have enough shoes! Keeping my shoes out in the open represents my style, and I’m such a fan of transparent storage." Beside the bookshelf, a midcentury modern dresser accented with brass is used to elevate this chic room even more.

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