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Stylish Ways to Store Bikes When You're Short on Space

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a small rental apartment or a multi-bedroom home, finding an adequate amount of storage space always seems to be a struggle. While squeezing some extra sweaters into a drawer or hiding a few pairs of boots under your bed is manageable, the same can’t be said about storing a bicycle. Rather than trying to discreetly conceal a full size bike in the corner of a room, let it become a stylish statement instead with one of these playful ideas.

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Photo: Sarah Hebenstreit / Modern Kids Co.. From: Regan Baker.

Wall Mounting

Keeping your bikes on your precious floors can feel overwhelming for a variety of reasons. If the thought of an untidy space makes you uneasy, try using blank wall space to mount a bike of any size. From simple hooks to clever wall mounts made solely for bicycles, the choice is up to you. If your ceiling height allows for it, go ahead and put more than one up to do a complete wall takeover. You can even accessorize your space with pops of color that match the frames to really complete the look. A little accent paint, some additional decor or hung art work will do wonders when paired with these two-wheelers.

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Photo: Eric Perry

Go Vertical

If you’re looking for a more traditional option and aren’t sold on the idea of a statement wall starring your outdoor bikes, this vertical storage choice may be the one for you. Avoid the issue of multiple bikes eating away at your square footage by opting for an industrial pole that will allow you to keep things looking extra sleek. Whether this is in a garage or in an unused area of your living space, the new addition will help keep your home neat, organized and decidedly stylish.

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Photo: Daleet Spector Design. From: Daleet Spector.

Wheels Up

While mounting a bike flush against the wall is one way to go, you can also play around with and make your storage a bit more unique. Mount the wheels to a wall and let the frame of the bike stick out to create the ultimate three dimensional statement within your home. While this trick lets you keep your favorite mode of transportation safely indoors, it also doubles as a bold decoration that will definitely turn some heads.

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From: Debbie Perez

Utilize Height

Give any room a stylish upgrade by incorporating a bike into the design. If you have wall space or awkward corners that you're not sure how to decorate, you’re not alone. Check two things off the list at once by finding a spot for that bike while also sprucing up a lackluster area in your home. Take advantage of the space leading up to your ceilings by hanging your bike from the highest point possible (that's still accessible, of course). This often underutilized area is the perfect spot for some supplemental storage and a brand new focal point.

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