Santa Fe-Style Homes

Discover the tranquility found in the softly sculpted pueblo revival structures found throughout Santa Fe, N.M.
By: Angela Ringo

Pueblo Revival in the Southwest

Pueblo revival is a regional architectural style found in the American Southwest. Pioneered in New Mexico and Arizona in the early 20th century, it is inspired by the structures of the Pueblo Indians.

Pueblo Revival Characteristics

Some key characteristics of pueblo revival architecture include facades made from earthy materials like adobe or concrete. Large wooden elements like heavy doors or vigas (heavy rafters) are also distinctive characteristics of this Southwestern style. Photo by Karol Miles

Traditional Designs

The Cristo Rey Parish in Santa Fe exemplifies the pueblo-style architecture. Smooth rounded corners recall the traditional designs of the Pueblo Indians, while the thick walls protect against the searing desert heat.

Structural Elements

This adobe structure features a flat roof accented with spouts in the parapet to help direct rainwater. Its pale color is in perfect harmony with the Southwestern landscape.

The Oldest Art Museum in New Mexico

The New Mexico Museum of Art, designed by Isaac Rapp, was constructed in the iconic Southwestern style. It is the oldest art museum in New Mexico and is one of Santa Fe's finest examples of pueblo revival style.

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