10 Maximalist Rooms That Are Works of Art, Not Clutter

If you're not a fan of minimalism, good news: maximalism is in! Get inspiration from these colorful spaces that are anything but cluttered. Plus, find tips on how to go big with this trending design philosophy in your own home.

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June 11, 2018

Photo By: Regan Wood

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Photo By: Twist Tours

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Photo By: Bronwyn Poole

Maximalism Proves More Can Be More

With bright colors, large statement pieces and vivid patterns, maximalism makes us rethink the "rules" when it comes to design. The opposite of being a minimalist doesn't have to mean you prefer a cluttered mess for a living space. From mixing patterns to saying no to neutral-only looks, maximalism lets you embrace what you love and create a space that's uniquely your own. Check out some of our favorite maximalist rooms where no two are the same, and learn tips on how to deck out your own spaces with this fun more-is-more mentality.

Botanical-Inspired Prints Are Big

Although the gold fixtures in this bathroom really pop against the marble sink and black wall, what kicks this bathroom up a notch is the vibrant wallpaper decorated with gorgeous birds. The simple white subway tile and sleek window pane-style shower door balance out the wallpaper pattern so the bathroom comes across as fun and sophisticated, instead of chaotic.

The Power of Pattern Mixing

Pattern mixing is a big part of maximalism. The secret to adding more pattern into your space without it feeling busy is to make sure you're mixing the right types of patterns. The striped rug and curtains complement the more detailed wallpaper in this dining room. If the curtains also featured a busier, detailed pattern, this space might feel overloaded. The color palette of black, white and browns and the simple midcentury modern furniture make the overall space feel sophisticated and inviting.

Leave Room for Whimsy

This living room is bold and colorful, but you can still imagine the ocean breeze flowing through the windows. Keep spacing in mind when laying out a room with a lot of color and pattern. Even though these accent chairs are anything but neutral, their smaller size and symmetrical placement prevent them from overwhelming the space. Plus, they pull together the pink wallpaper, green credenza and blue-and-white rug.

Let It Be Bold

This teen bedroom personifies one of the core concepts of maximalism - more is more. Maximalist rooms don't necessarily have to come about intentionally; by gradually adding new curtains here, a decorative pillow there, a new bench a few years later and so on, you can add character and unique touches to the space over time. Especially for a teen whose tastes will inevitably change through the years, instead of completely redecorating every few years or trying to stick to a certain theme or color palette, let the room grow with its resident.

Go Big With Neutrals

This gorgeous nursery uses soft, warm and neutral colors to achieve a sense of tranquility and relaxation, but it also features large-scale art, fun prints and visible storage. Leave your minimalist designs for the rest of the house, and give Baby a lot to look at and smile about in the nursery.

Showcase What You Love

Maximalism is all about showcasing what you love and not limiting yourself to just a few neutral colors or, like in this dining room, a set of matching chairs. If you find a piece you absolutely love during your travels or at a flea market but are hesitant that it might not "go with everything," you should probably just go for it. The two bone-inlay chairs at the ends of this dining table add interest to a simple dining set. Plus, the addition of the chairs is a good compromise between sticking to a set of simpler wooden chairs for the sake of versatility and using an entire set of busier statement chairs.

This Eclectic Art Studio Exudes Playfulness

What makes a well-designed maximalist room so endearing is that it never takes itself too seriously. This stunning art studio which uses quirky light fixtures, an abstractly painted floor and several patterns, highlights the beauty in keeping design fun and playful.

Luxury Meets Function

This family room is the perfect marriage of luxury and function. The rich tones of the velvet couch, teal floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and the whimsical blue rug plus the gold accents on the coffee table make this space feel luxurious and inviting. A big motif that's on the rise in maximalist designs is animal-inspired decor. The artwork of a tiger in the background and the antelope design of the coffee table add exotic touches to this anything-but-basic space.

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Layering Up

This gorgeous sitting room takes layering to the next level, by placing a jute rug on top of a tiled floor and then placing a textured faux animal hide on top of the rug. The plants placed around the room at varying heights and the striking pops of color from the patterned wallpaper and artwork give this room an urban-jungle-meets-coastal vibe.

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