How to Work the Velvet Trend This Fall

As the weather cools, now is the time to thoughtfully work the velvet trend into your home. Be playful, go bold or keep it soft and sumptuous to add new life to any room.

Photo By: Tara Dudley Interiors

Photo By: Dormify / Daniel Whipps

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Add Just a Touch

Just a hint of velvet can add texture to your décor in an understated and elegant way without overpowering a room. Spice up the bedroom by adding a soft velvet quilt or a subtle velvet headboard. "Velvets in unexpected colors give a sense of luxury and warmth, especially when combined with silks and mixed metallic hues," notes interior designer Tara Dudley.

Make it Fun

Velvet doesn’t have to be formal and stuffy. It’s okay to go playful, even low key with velvet. Mix it up with brightly colored velvet, like these two-toned throw pillows from Dormify, in a dorm room or child’s bedroom. Lively hues that pop can brighten up a room.

Go Bold

Velvet is a fabric that wants to be bold. Make a statement with a rich royal blue, deep teal or forest green on an upholstered velvet sofa or arm chair. Interior designer Gina Gutierrez cautions that homeowners should first define their style, whether bohemian, eclectic or modern. “Make sure the velvet piece is a statement of that style,” Gutierrez adds.

Frame it Up

Not quite ready to commit to a velvet sofa or chaise lounge? No problem. You can still incorporate this luxurious and alluring fabric into your décor for the season. Start small by purchasing several large frames for displaying velvet swatches in your favorite colors, suggests Carine Saint-Jean, an event planner and interior designer with Spectacular Affairs in New York City.

Bring Outdoor Velvet Inside

Got kids? Don’t be afraid to use velvet. Think outdoor-rated velvet, which is just right for dining room chairs and media room sectionals. Outdoor-rated velvet stands up to spills and stains. Plus, kids love the soft, plush texture of the fabric. Interior designer Paulina Oldenbrook adds that it’s just right for climbing on and getting cozy, but also brings a level of sophistication to any room.

Add Curves

Straight lines have long driven floor plans and furniture choices due to their practical nature. However, natural curves and shapes have returned to upholstered pieces. Adding curves softens a floor plan, giving it a more inviting feel. Velvets further add softness to a room and can make furniture pieces more sumptuous, suggests Gale Sitomer of G Sitomer Design.

Blend Velvet with Casual Fabrics

Soften velvet by mixing a brightly-hued velvet with a more casual linen pattern, like on sofa pillows. The two balance out each other so the look isn’t too heavy, notes interior designer Emily Ruddo. This look is optimal for more informal areas, like children’s rooms and family spaces.

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