Fall Harvest Centerpiece

Add fruit and botanical elements to your holiday table with this elegantly simple centerpiece.

Fall Harvest Centerpiece

Bring some fall flair to your table with this easy centerpiece.

Getting started

What you will need: (2) 8 ft. fence pickets (1/2"x6"x96")/ handsaw or power saw/ 35-40 finishing nails/ 5 receipt holders/ 5 apples/ 20 cinnamon sticks/ twine/ floral foam/ 6 small plastic containers (we used empty deli containers)/ branch cuttings from your yard or foliage from florist (if no trees to prune)/ dried fall flower accents (optional)

Laying out the pieces

Cut one of the pickets into two 48” lengths. Cut the other picket into 3 parts; one 46 7/8” and two 5 5/16”.

Getting attached

To create the bottom/ends, lay the 46 7/8” board flat and attach the 5 5/16 boards to the outside edge of it using finishing nails. The grain of the wood should run horizontally.

Preparing the sides for assembly

Lay the 48” board on a flat surface and prepare your nails by starting 3 on each end and one nail about every 6” along one of the long edges. The nails should be about ¼” from the edge.

The finished picket box

Turn the bottom/ends on its side and lay one of the prepared 48” boards on it. Attach by hammering the nails into the end pieces and bottom.

Spacing out floral arrangement

Cut floral foam to fit 6 small plastic containers. Alternate plastic containers with apples inside the picket box. Fill the containers with water.

Bundle cinnamon sticks

Gather 4 bundles of cinnamon sticks (5 per bundle) and wrap an 18-20 inch length of twine around them several times. Use the ends to tie a knot over the wrapping you have done. Set aside.

Place apples on receipt holders

Insert receipt holders (found at office supply stores) into the bottom of 5 apples just far enough to hold them securely.

Filling your picket box

Use trimmings from your own trees and bushes (or purchase foliage, if necessary) to fill the space around the apples, inserting the stems into the foliage to preserve them and give them some stability. Add dried fall accents (if desired) and place a cinnamon stick bundle between each of the apples.

Placing the centerpiece

Place your centerpiece in the middle of a long table or use as an accent on a console table or mantle.

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