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Design Trend-Spotting in NYC

New York City trade shows, boutiques and museums deliver endless trend inspiration. Find out what HGTV thinks will be next in home decor.

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Punchy Primary Colors

The International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) and WantedDesign (part of the over 200 events and experiences hosted during the annual NYCxDESIGN Festival) shows are oracles of what's coming next in home design. But it turns out all of New York City — from Lower East Side shops to the Whitney Museum of American Art — is a design trend banquet.

Bold, fun colors and forms worthy of a kindergarten classroom were big at ICFF including these delightful Form Pillows (shown here) from Portland, Oregon-based Thatcher Studio.

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Photo: Roman and Williams

Patina at Soho's RW Guild

Robin Standefer is the multi-hyphenated designer and co-owner (with Stephen Alesch) of the gorgeous RW Guild shop and restaurant in NYC's Soho and the design firm Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors. Robin says that patina is something her customer's are increasingly wanting in the furniture and objects they bring into their homes. "There is an understanding that things can get better with age, not just by staying inert. This is true with ceramics, leather, wood," says Robin. "Our finishes deliberately age — we call them 'living finishes,' since they are meant to change with time. There's a desire now for a certain kind of 'worn in' feel. It's been fascinating to see that some people who come into the shop actually prefer to purchase the floor model of a sofa — something that has been worn in, that doesn't feel brand new, but instead reflects a history of use and the passage of time. We see this as a bridge from the 'vintage' movement, to something that is living. Another aspect is that the patina reflects nature — it's the natural forces or air and heat and water that develop patinas, and we think that there's a desire to bring nature and its cycles and processes into our homes, rather than sealing it off."

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Photo: Zachary A.

Resin Rising

Chicago designer Zachary A. creates outdoor furniture using the increasingly popular design material of resin (which can have both plant and synthetic origins) shaped into objects that have the look of minimalist sculpture.

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Photo: Tiago de Paula Carvalho

The Circular Economy

ECO Solidarity is a union of nine European Union product designers at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. Portugal-based Susdesign created these chairs made in Portugal from forest floor materials, repurposed cork, mycelium and old cargo pallets.

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