Tour a New York City Apartment Drenched in Color

A New York City refrigerator factory turned apartment holds a colorful surprise inside.

August 09, 2019

Photo By: Stephanie Diani

Photo By: Stephanie Diani

Photo By: Stephanie Diani

Photo By: Stephanie Diani

Photo By: Stephanie Diani

Photo By: Stephanie Diani

Photo By: Stephanie Diani

Photo By: Stephanie Diani

Photo By: Stephanie Diani

Photo By: Stephanie Diani

Photo By: Stephanie Diani

Photo By: Stephanie Diani

Photo By: Stephanie Diani

Photo By: Stephanie Diani

Photo By: Stephanie Diani

Photo By: Stephanie Diani

Photo By: Stephanie Diani

Photo By: Stephanie Diani

Photo By: Stephanie Diani

Photo By: Stephanie Diani

A Happy Home

Founder of Color Me Courtney, Courtney Quinn lives to inspire body positivity, color theory and color combinations while promoting happiness in her corner of the internet. Her home is without a doubt a true reflection of her personality.

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Self-Inspired Design

It was essential that Courtney’s home be not only a reflection of her colorful personality, but also a reflection of the happiness-promoting, personal brand she has created.

Unique Challenges

Once a refrigerator factory, the apartment building’s unique structure gave Courtney the opportunity to create the space she wanted. Specifically, a rainbow showcase closet in the middle of the living room.

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No Closet? No Problem.

Thanks to solitary columns that interrupted the flow of the living space, Courtney was able to create the closet of her dreams. And, true to Courtney's style, it is color-coded in the most playful way.

Color-Coded Clothing

Each lacquered cabinet in the closet has ample storage for clothing and overflow space for the shoes that don’t fit on the shoe wall. Yes, we said shoe wall.

Fashionable Flow

The apartment’s shoe wall not only acts as storage, but also a rainbow-themed art installment that seamlessly flows into the living room wall. In fact, the shoe wall and closet were intended to be the only rainbow elements in the apartment. Instead, they inspired the decor that fills the rest of the space.

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Bookshelf Bliss

The built-in bookshelves are an eye-catching feature, color-coordinated to perfection.

Curated Color Story

The bookshelves house an eclectic mix of knick-knacks and other “found” objects. One thing’s for sure: you won’t find one single item without a story or a purpose.

Have No Fear...of Commitment

Instead of committing to a single-shaded bookcase, Courtney used wrapping paper to create a color moment with her cabinet doors. She jokes that she could change them all the time if she wanted to, but we like them just as they are.

Simply Stunning Home Office

A tiny nook between the bookcases creates the perfect workspace where Courtney can be inspired in the comfort of her own home.

Mood Board

A gold metal frame backs the workspace, where Courtney clips Pantone swatches that are currently inspiring her outfits, design and lifestyle in general.

Personal Touches

Even the wall art in Courtney’s home is colorful and personalized. The Pantone swatch canvases that hang in the hallway have custom color codes and names, all which mean something special to Courtney and her fiancé. There’s even a swatch called "Awful Waffle" -- a tribute to her adorable French bulldog, Waffle.

A Blank Canvas

Stark, white walls throughout the space ensure that the colorful pieces are showcased without distractions.

Bright + Cheery Cooking Space

According to Courtney, "having a yellow kitchen makes sense." Striped yellow walls and bright accent pieces make up the cheery, happy space.

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Even The Candy Matches

A tip from Courtney: "you can actually buy only yellow Starburst"” so you don’t have to sacrifice and buy undesirable candy just so you can stay on theme. Her choice: mango over lemon.

There's Inspiration Everywhere

Working off the color scheme of her duvet cover, Courtney chose to fill her bedroom with coral and teal pieces. "That was the reason I was really drawn to paint the wall."

In-Home Art Gallery

Drawn to the look of a gallery wall, Courtney installed one in her bedroom. She started with a flamingo feather canvas and built around it with pieces that blend and enhance. The flamingo canvas, with its coral color and beautiful texture, worked so well she opted for a second and simply mounted it vertically rather than horizontally.

Animal Instinct

Though color is definitely Courtney’s prime objective, her bedroom features an underlying wildlife theme. From the flamingos and big cats on the wall, to the giraffe lamps beside the bed and the teal zebra rug, Courtney’s love for animals fits right in.

Pink Powder Room

"I really wanted to have a pink room, so I decided to make that in my bathroom." For Courtney, to start and end her day with something colorful and fun was a must.

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Inspirational Wall Art

One of Courtney’s favorite features of her bathroom is the inspiring images it’s filled with. It is important to her that guests feel "welcomed or supported" by her art, especially if they don’t feel that way with traditional media forms.

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