10 Chic Laundry Room Decorating Ideas

Take your bland laundry room to a whole new level with vibrant color palettes and creative decor.
By: Monica Blair and Laura Ostendorf

Photo By: Benita Larsson

Photo By: Diana Gray, Our Vintage Home Love

Photo By: Carol Spinski

Purely Divine

Put a fresh spin on your laundry room without making it look too barren. Conceal any under-the-sink mess with a fun accent fabric that acts as a curtain. This is an easy and inexpensive fix to pull your laundry room together in a snap. Design by Benita Larsson

Bare and Beautiful

Designer Diana Gray plays up the contrast of natural textures and a monochromatic color palette in this space. Organize your laundry room using glass jars for detergent as a functional and stylish decoration. This adds a hint of elegance in an unexpected way.

Functional and Fabulous

This laundry room uses materials that are equally functional and beautiful. Materials like tile and stainless steel are extremely durable and easy to clean. Designer Rebekah Zaveloff uses a smooth countertop above the appliances to add that extra surface that every laundry room dreams of.

Candy Apple Green

Use bold color to make a statement. This laundry room by Artistic Designs for Living is a great example of how color can make a spectacular impression. The lime-green paint ties all of the cabinetry together while making the space look fun and inviting.

Thoughtful Thrifting

Not everything in your laundry room has to be shiny and new to make the space beautiful. In fact, having an antique wardrobe like this one is a great way to tell a story and still have storage. This farmhouse laundry room, designed by Carol Spinski, has a lovely mix of elements that makes for an interesting space.

Go-Go Gadget

Ironing boards are typically tough to hide, but designer Angela Todd found a way to incorporate one into her ultra-mod laundry room. The beautiful metallic partition distracts the eye from the mechanical systems behind it and provides a great backdrop for the space.

Let's Get Personal

Make a small space feel larger by using a light color palette with lots of white and light wood tones. Textures like canvas, metal and wood add interest in a subtle but pleasing way. Designer Rie Sterling adds a few personal touches that give the space character, like the glass bottles above the sink or the patterned rug.

Raised Up

Using a contrast of black and white with a chandelier accessory makes this laundry room feel dynamic and elegant. This room is not only stylish but functional, too. Designer Sausha Khoundet maximizes the available space by raising the washer and dryer to provide additional storage underneath.

Naturally Chic

Need somewhere to dry your clothes? Sometimes your solution can be right in your backyard. Designer Rie Sterling uses a branch suspended by a cord as a rustic and charming alternative to a drying rack. Hang baskets as a clever way to create storage, make your laundry room chic and keep it organized.

Every Laundry Room Needs a Chandelier

Maybe doing laundry isn't your favorite task, but it doesn't have to feel like "dirty work." Designer Amanda Eck brings appeal to this laundry room by adding chic decor. This could be as simple as using pattern and color for an extra pop.

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