Halloween Tricked Out

Episode H1HTO-S12H

Tune In

  • October 18, 2013

    6:30 AM e/p

From California to West Virginia, Florida to New Jersey and back again, HALLOWEEN TRICKED OUT visits the most amazing haunts and homegrown Halloween installations in the country. We show viewers unique ways to spookify their spaces, increasing their scare-factor a thousand times over. Whether it's a man in West Virginia that carves 3,000 pumpkins to display around his home, a dairy farm in New Jersey that features a terrifying haunted hayride like no other, a Halloween-lovin' couple in Florida that go all out when decorating the interior of their home, a backyard haunt that boggles the mind in California, or a scream-worthy haunted corn maze in North Carolina, these Halloween features are sure to both inspire and astound.