Downtown vs. Suburban; 1912 vs. 1962

Episode HGBBY-111

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Newlyweds Josh and Sophie Drisko are ready to move out of their tiny apartment and buy a home of their own. Their search has led them to two favorite places: a loft in the heart of downtown Los Angeles and a larger condo in the more suburban area of Toluca Lake. Meanwhile, Rodel Delfin sold a home that he spent a year restoring, and now he's looking for another diamond in the rough. His search has led him to a large 1912 craftsman that is less expensive and located in the historic neighborhood of Windsor Square and a 1962 mid-century modern home in the Hollywood Hills with a pool and views of the city. Realtors and other experts meet with these buyers and provide their assessment of which is the better buy for them.


    • Francine Meyberg
      Prudential California Realty
    • Karen Vidal
      Design Vidal
    • David Kean
      John Arroe Group
    • Rhonda Hoops
      Design Distinction
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