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  • H4RNT-512H
    A singer-songwriter with growing ambitions, Nicole wants to move to the big city. She's ready to leave the comfort of her parents' suburban home but after months of searching, it doesn't look like she's going anywhere. Rental expert Jodi Gi

  • H4RNT-506H
    Over six feet tall and too quick to sign a lease, David's basement apartment is seriously cramping his style. Tired of hitting his head on the low ceilings and hunching over to take a shower, he's hoping to find a new home where he can at l

  • H4RNT-410H
    Since her big sister is leaving town, indecisive Leah is about to be on her own for the very first time. With her freshly-minted Masters degree in hand, she just landed a great job and now she's got just one month to find an apartment to ma

  • H4RNT-412H
    A schedule and checklist-loving couple who don't like surprises, Adam and Melissa thought they'd found the perfect apartment. That is, until they moved in and discovered a long list of maintenance issues, including leaks, electrical issues,

  • H4RNT-413H
    After managing a long-distance relationship, Sheena and Adam are finally in the same city and are looking for the perfect place to call home. They want to live in style but they've recently discovered they also want very different things in

  • H4RNT-509H
    Horse-trainer Leanne and her handyman Matthew have been living in his parents' basement for nearly a year. But now they're ready to spread their wings and are hoping to find a country-style pad that's not too far from home. Even with their

  • H4RNT-510H
    Lookingto redesign her life and jumpstart her career, graphic designer Oma has moved clear across the country and is hoping to put down roots in the big city. So far, she's been crashing on her sister's couch but is desperate to find a home

  • H4RNT-511H
    Phil and Jonny have great chemistry but finding a home they can agree on is proving impossible. They've visited over 50 apartments but since none match Jonny's exhaustive wish list, they're now living in a hotel. Determined to broker a deal

  • H4RNT-513H
    Procrastinating pals Paul and Dan left their rental search to the last minute and now they're scrambling to find a new home. Since Paul is saving to buy his own place, he's looking for the cheapest deal, but Dan has other priorities and wan

  • H4RNT-309H
    Tired of living in an oven and freezer free coach house with a shower in the kitchen, 28-year-old musician, Stacey, wants to move across town to be closer to work and enjoy the creature comforts of her very own home. Enter rental expert Jod

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In For Rent, join Jodi Gilmour as she guides desperate but hopeful renters to a home that fits their budget. Once the place is found, Gilmour performs TV-worthy makeover miracles on a dime. With her knack for seeing a property's hidden potential and optimizing even the trickiest layouts, Gilmour shows renters how to get fantastic results with a minimal investment. Along the way, she helps them navigate the market with tips like how to conduct a search, how to negotiate a lease and what to look for and avoid in a property. It can be an emotional ride, but through all the ups and downs, Gilmour offers plenty of support and tips to take the "ouch" out of home rental and redesign.

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