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  • HDDD-210H
    Brian and Michelle have a lovely house, but their back yard is bare, housing only a children's playhouse and an outdoor kitchen that is completely exposed to the elements and is seldom used. They call on Donna and Ashley to transform the sp

  • HDDD-206H
    Tim and Cindy Giles have recently moved into a new home. They love to entertain, and their first priority in the new home is to create an extensive outdoor living area that will facilitate the couple's love of having friends and neighbors o

  • HDDD-208H
    Tom McNeill is a hard-working research scientist who has recently moved into a gorgeous new Tuscan-style home. He needs help turning his entry foyer and courtyard into cozy and inviting spaces where he can do some entertaining as well as sp

  • HDDD-201H
    Professional football player Chris Johnson and his wife Mioshi have a master bedroom that lacks color and feels small, overcrowded and impersonal. The room is dominated by a large four-poster bed, which overtakes the other features and cont

  • HDDD-211H
    Donna's daughter Ashley is getting married, and wants to update the kitchen of the home she shares with her fiancee, Weston, who grew up in the house. The kitchen is dated, and kind of falling apart, with cracked tile countertops, scruffy c

  • HDDD-111H
    Gene and Shelley have never been happy with the look of their living room, so Donna give it a full upgrade with the construction of an enormous custom-built wall unit that encloses Gene's aquarium, provides an attractive surround for the te

  • HDDD-202H
    Former professional football player Russell Maryland and his wife Rose want to give their eldest daughter Kayra a nice surprise for her fifteenth birthday?her own bedroom. They call upon Donna to convert a drab guest bedroom in to a truly e

  • HDDD-213H
    Donna's clients Chantay and Kenneth Brown have lived in their house for several years, but they've never been happy with the decor in their dining room. Chantay loves French-inspired design, and the dining room somewhat reflects that, with

  • HDDD-212H
    Jeana and Bryan Deleon are really tired of their family room. It's dated, with 1980's style ash wood paneling on all the walls. The room also has an all-brick fireplace and a living area dominated by a puffy leather sectional sofa that is l

  • HDDD-113H
    Harlan and his girlfriend Robin have just bought a gorgeous new house that has sat vacant for a couple of years. The previous owner removed most of the fixtures, including the tub in the master bath, so Donna has a blank slate to work with.

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When Dallas homeowners feel the need to pimp out their lavish houses, they count on Donna Moss to bring the bling. Along with her two daughters, Tiffany and Ashley, and fabulous finds from the family-run boutique, That's Haute!, Donna brings high-end design to the land of high drama that is the Big D.

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