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  • HDDIY-609H
    There's a thin line between perfectionist and professional procrastinator and Joe claims to be the former, but is actually the latter. His wife Sharyn is tired of her husband's perfectionist excuse and just sees a perfectly unfinished basem

  • HDDIY-611H
    Donald's mother is tired of hosting holiday functions because her son's kitchen has been mid-renovation for the last few years. Despite being an expert landscape artist, Donald's skills in the kitchen are novice at best. Bryan grows Donald'

  • HDDIY-612H
    Not only has Jeff lost his kitchen, he's close to losing his sanity. His wife, Paula, has taken it upon herself to pioneer the kitchen renovations in her house and has her own wacky ideas of how to do so. Bryan's used to taking on challengi

  • HDDIY-613H
    Blame stubbornness, lack of know-how, or both, but Gabriel's backyard has taken a backseat in upkeep over the last few years. Her idea of fixing the fence is using coat hangers to keep fence boards from falling down. Her daughter, Carolynna

  • HDDIY-701H
    Danielle is accusing her jail guard father Andrew of attempted renovation. The crime? One bathroom shared among seven grown adults. Plus, an unfinished basement family room. Bryan arrives to get this arrested renovation going for good and

  • HDDIY-703H
    Perfectionist Michael has lost his way. Instead of focusing on one project at a time, he moves on to others without finishing any. His wife Marci has had enough and called in Bryan. Bryan's job is to help Michael realize that unfinished pro

  • HDDIY-711H
    Ellen and Alan live full time at their cottage and play host to bumbling grandchildren throughout the year. With a tool shed that's on the verge of collapse, Ellen thinks it's the perfect time to convert the terrible tool shed into a bubbly

  • HDDIY-712H
    A little knowledge doesn't always go a long way! Despite being under the wing of a well-known contractor, poor 'Steve' attempted to impress his future mother-in-law by building a complicated deck and stairs with only the building know-how o

  • HDDIY-713H
    Marn's dream second-storey deck is a real second-storey death trap. Her well-intentioned husband Gord has been promising a deck with a view for years, but right now the kitchen walk-out is more of a kitchen fall-out onto the ground 20 feet

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Disaster DIY is a show about do-it-yourselfers who have failed at their own home renovations and are in desperate need of some on-the-job training. Host and contractor Bryan Baeumler arrives to save families from renovation disasters and teach DIYers the safe and proper way to fix their mistakes.

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