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A Big Pink New Jersey Wedding

See how event planner Dina Manzo creates an unforgettable occasion — and helps a New Jersey couple fulfill the notion that it's a nice day for a pink wedding.

Crash the Party

  • HDMP-213H
    When the Van Why family lost their mom to cancer a year ago, she was planning to throw a huge graduation party for her son, William. Now the family wants to celebrate the good things that have happened in the year since Sarah died, not just

  • HDMP-110H
    Socialite and magazine editor Devorah Rose throws big yet impersonal parties in the Hamptons, and she wants to change it up with a more intimate gathering. Designer and event planner Dina Manzo throws an outdoor dinner party with an organic

  • HDMP-209H
    You've got to stage it to sell it, and Dina Manzo is a former realtor who can not only make any house look way better, but create a party buyers and agents will remember! Homeowners Courtlord and Elodie Michales ask Dina to stage their ho

  • HDMP-211H
    Jaimie and Steve are getting married and it's the second time for both of them. She's moved in his home with her children and the house isn't quite 'home' for her yet. Designer/event planner Dina Manzo transforms their family room into a co

  • HDMP-102H
    Former New Jersey House Wife and event planner/interior designer Dina Manzo throws an unconventional baby shower for expectant parents, Alexis and Kevin. After struggling to have a baby, news of the pregnancy was especially joyful for Alexi

  • HDMP-204H
    Designer/event planner Dina Manzo turns throwaway furniture into great stuff to sell for profit at a high-end garage sale for her very own charity, Project Ladybug. The fundraiser happens in a gorgeous mansion owned by Jennifer Law, the fou

  • HDMP-203H
    Romance and surprise are the themes of this 15th wedding anniversary party as designer/event planner Dina Manzo brings her design and event planning expertise to the home of Ileana and Angelo Cascio. Dina transforms their living and dining

  • HDMP-206H
    Get ready to raise your glass as designer/event planner Dina Manzo brings a wine country feel to a New Jersey dinner party. New to the neighborhood, Annette and Greg want to get to know their neighbors over a decadent meal with expert wine

  • HDMP-202H
    Drill Sergeant Dina Manzo and her party planning troops invade Homeowners Kim and John Fio Rito's home to throw a military-themed 40th birthday party for John, a military veteran and graduate of West Point. Dina joins John for an insider's

  • HDMP-109H
    Sisters Lissa and Claudia want to co-host a fabulous clothing swap party. Event planner and interior designer Dina Manzo transforms Lissa's bland family room into a stylish contemporary boutique. She paints the room's feature wall a bold g

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In each episode of Dina's Party, former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dina Manzo creates amazing, unforgettable events for her clients at their homes. Dina and the staff at her company, Designer Affair, work with her homeowners, transforming their space into something beautiful and unique to celebrate an important moment in their lives. Whether an incredible anniversary celebration, an over-the-top wedding or a festive graduation party, Dina's parties are memorable ones!

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