Build a Factory Cart Coffee Table

Add updated style to your living room with this DIY coffee table. Featuring an optional reclaimed wood top and caster wheels, this step-by-step project proves factory style — without the price — is obtainable by anyone.
Light Blue Transitional Living Room With Rolling Coffee Table

Light Blue Transitional Living Room With Rolling Coffee Table

By: Ana White

Materials Needed:

  • 12' 1x6 pine boards (2)
  • 8' 2x4 pine boards (2)
  • 14' 1x8 pine board
  • 2" wood screws (50)
  • 2" finish nails (50)
  • small tube wood glue
  • small tube wood filler
  • quart stain or 2 quarts flat paint
  • paintbrush or staining rags
  • spray can interior clear coat
  • sandpaper in medium and fine grits
  • measuring tape
  • carpenter's square
  • drill with countersink bit
  • hammer
  • saw Tip: Many hardware stores will make cuts complimentary with the purchase of lumber.


Overall dimensions are 59 inches wide, 36 inches high and 8 inches deep.

Cut List

1x8 boards cut at 43" (long aprons, 2 boards)
1x8 boards cut at 31 1/2" (short aprons, 2 boards)
2x4 boards cut at 31 1/2" (dividers, 2 boards)
2x4 boards cut at 41 1/2" (long shelf, 3 boards)
1x6 boards cut at 34" (small shelves, 8 boards)

Getting Started

Select boards that are straight. Tip: Pretend board is an arrow on a bow and look down the length of board to see if it is straight. Tip: For added character, select boards that are rustic in nature with imperfections, cracks and knots. To save time, have hardware store cut boards as directed in cut list. Work on a clean level surface large enough for the project and always wear safety glasses and ensure proper ventilation when painting.

Build the Box

Predrill holes on both ends of the long aprons, 3/8 inch from the edge, three holes per end. Screw long aprons to shorter aprons through predrilled holes with 2-inch screws and glue.

Build the Coffee Table Frame

Build the Coffee Table Frame

Add the Wheel Supports

Predrill holes along bottom edge of shorter apron, every 6 inches. Apply glue to edge of wheel support and screw wheel support to shorter aprons through predrilled holes.

Add the Wheel Supports

Add the Wheel Supports

Attach the Deck Supports

Attach side deck supports in same manner as wheel supports. For center support, mark location as shown in diagram. Predrill holes through shorter aprons. Apply glue to ends of center support and screw in place with 2-inch screws.

Attach the Deck Supports

Attach the Deck Supports

Nail On Decking

Lay deck boards on top of base. Adjust so deck boards overhang edges a 1/2-inch. Nail down with 2-inch nails and glue. Nail to center boards too. Tip: Use boards reclaimed from a pallet as decking for a rustic yet chic look.

Nail On Decking

Nail On Decking

Attach Wheels

Attach wheels to base using screws provided with wheel kits.

Attach Wheels to Coffee Table

Attach Wheels to Coffee Table


Fill exposed screw holes with wood filler and let dry. Sand entire table with medium-grit sandpaper. Refill holes with wood filler as needed and let dry. Sand with medium-grit sandpaper, followed with fine-grit sandpaper. Vacuum table with soft-bristled brush to remove sanding residue. Wipe clean with damp cloth. Apply wood conditioner, stain and clear coat for a beautiful wood finish. Apply primer, three coats of flat paint followed with clear coat for a durable painted finish. Tip: Sand edges before applying clear coat to create a time-worn distressed finish.

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