Build Custom End Tables

Create deep, wall-mounted end tables by cutting a vintage bench in half. The tables take up less floor space and provide ample surface space.
Wood Bench Side Table

Wood Bench Side Table

Materials Needed:

  • long, old bench (approximately 6 feet long)
  • 2 small chunks of scrap wood
  • pencil
  • measuring tape
  • electric jigsaw
  • 2-1/2" wood screws
  • electric drill
  • electric screwdriver
  • level
  • protective eyewear

Find a Bench

Scour yard sales and flea markets for a solid wood bench that's approximately six feet long.


Using a pencil and measuring tape, make several marks on the top side of the bench, 36 inches from each end of it.

Measure and Mark Bench

Measure and Mark Bench

Draw a Line

Connect the marks across the top of the bench using a straight edge.

Draw Line Connecting Marks

Draw Line Connecting Marks

Mark the Sides

If the bench has sides on it, continue the pencil line from the top, down onto each side, using a straight edge.

Mark Sides of Bench

Mark Sides of Bench

Cut the Bench

Put on protective eyewear and use a jigsaw to carefully cut the bench in half. Make sure the blade continues to follow the pencil line all the way across.

Cut Bench Using Jigsaw

Cut Bench Using Jigsaw

Mark Bench Position

Using a pencil and a level, draw a line on the wall across the top side of cut edge of the bench.

Mark Bench Position on Wall

Mark Bench Position on Wall

Mark Cleat Position

Make a pencil mark on the wall where the wood cleat will be attached. The easiest way to determine where it should go is to measure the thickness of the bench top because the bottom side of the bench top will sit directly on the wood cleat.

Mark Cleat Position on Wall

Mark Cleat Position on Wall

Measure Opening

Flip the bench over and measure the opening on the cut edge of the bench. This measurement will determine what size wood cleat you will need.

Measure Opening on Edge of Bench

Measure Opening on Edge of Bench

Attach Cleat(s)

Attach a small, chunky piece of wood to wall using an electric drill and screwdriver. First, pre-drill a hole, then drive a wood screw through the wood cleat into the wall.

Attach Wood Cleat to Wall

Attach Wood Cleat to Wall

Secure the Bench

To firmly secure the bench to the wall, drive another wood screw down through the top of the bench into the wood cleat below. To hide the screw head, countersink it slightly and cover it with wood putty.

Secure Bench to Wall

Secure Bench to Wall

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