Seashell Bathroom Decor Ideas

Explore seashell bathroom decor ideas, and get ready to add a bit of the seaside to your bathroom design.


This mirror has island appeal that will brighten up a bathroom.

By: Sean McEvoy

If you're planning a bathroom install or update in a seaside vacation home or just looking to add some seaside inspiration to your inland bathroom, you'll first want to browse a range of seashell bathroom decor ideas.

Off to the Beach

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Off to the Beach

Designed for a family of three, this clean, linear space feels natural and comfortable. The designer utilized space from an adjacent bedroom closet to provide ample depth for a walk-in shower.

Off to the Beach

The new design included relocating the sink to the opposite wall, allowing ample counter space and storage for three users.

Off to the Beach

The flooring is a tile made to mimic the look of wood and is both attractive and easy to maintain.

Off to the Beach

The large expanse of framed mirror helps to visually expand the space and provide added ambient light.

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Seaside and maritime design and decor elements such as fish and mermaid themes are common in bathrooms along the coasts, but many homeowners choose an ocean-inspired theme for their bathrooms regardless of geography, simply because of the broad appeal of this soothing, softly elegant style.

Seashell bathroom decor can take many forms, from the addition of a few subtle accessories to a theme that runs consistently throughout the space. Ultimately, the decision regarding how much you want to emphasize the theme lies with you, but some aspects of the space may help dictate your decision-making. For example, if your bathroom is particularly small, you may want to lean toward a more simple execution of the seashell decor theme, featuring only a few key elements like soap dishes, linens and soap and moisturizer dispensers. Conversely, if your bathroom is an expansive affair that can accommodate a bigger, bolder theme, you may want to go big and feature seashell decor thematically on wallpaper, on storage elements, and even on fixtures like sink and shower faucet knobs.

Once you've determined the extent of your seashell decor plans, it's time to consider how you'll implement them. Your options will be just about infinite, and you'll have plenty of fun researching all of the nautical, seaside and sea-life-themed accessories and design and decor elements available.

One of the first places to start when it comes to planning your seashell bathroom decor is with the accessories scheme in your bathroom. Linens, in particular, are a great way to express a decor theme in a bathroom. Bath and hand towels, bath mats and shower curtains are all available in seashell prints, in a multitude of colors and patterns. Shower curtains can be found in a plethora of entertaining ocean-themed expressions, which can work well with a nautical or seaside theme.

Storage accessories can be another great way to continue a seashell-themed bathroom style. Toiletry bins, cups for supplies like toothbrushes, and soap dishes are all great opportunities to extend the seashell theme. You may even be able to find items like soap dishes in actual seashell form, bringing the theme to life.

You may also want to consider furniture for your bathroom that features seashell or sea life elements. Chairs, tables and benches can be inlaid with actual seashells, or they can feature cushions with seashell designs or a tabletop with seashells decoratively arrayed or displayed in containers.

Beach-Style Bathrooms
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