How to Create a Stenciled Monogram Valance

Dress up your windows by adding a custom monogrammed valance made from a precut pine plank, ready-made drapery panel, art supplies and paint.


Materials Needed:

  • precut planks of 1x10-inch pine
  • L-brackets
  • drapery panel or fabric by the yard
  • measuring tape
  • yardstick
  • pencil
  • notepad
  • scissors
  • clear acetate alternative
  • cutting mat
  • scratch paper
  • marker
  • retractable utility knife
  • spray paint in a flat finish or fabric paint
  • stencil brush
  • drill
  • 2-inch wood screws
  • roll of batting
  • staple gun
  • staples
  • fabric steamer
  • drill
  • screws

Measure Window

Use measuring tape to determine proper measurements above window for installing valance. Jot measurements down on notepad using pencil. Tip: An excellent valance height for windows in rooms with 8 to 10-foot ceilings is 10 inches with a depth of 6 inches.

Create Valance Box

Referring to measurements taken with pencil and notepad, have 1-by-10-inch pine plank cut to size at local home improvement store. Using drill and 2-inch wood screws, assemble precut planks of pine into a three-sided box.

Cut Batting

Unfurl batting out along flat, level surface. Next, place valance box along the top, then cut to size using scissors.


Wrap and Staple Batting

Wrap valance box with batting, then attach along the interior of the box with staple gun.

Measure and Cut Fabric or Ready-Made Panel

Place yardstick directly on top of fabric or drapery panel. Based on overall height and depth of valance box, cut fabric or drapery panel to size using scissors.



Hang cut fabric or drapery panel along a door or drapery pole, then use steamer to remove all wrinkles.


Wrap and Staple Fabric or Ready-Made Panel

Wrap the cut fabric or drapery panel around valance box, then secure along interior using staple gun. Tip: To ensure staples are not visible when looking up into valance once installed, staple the fabric approximately 3 inches up inside of the box.


Sketch Monogram to Scratch Paper

To create a custom monogram stencil, place scratch paper on top of cutting mat, then sketch monogram with pencil.


Trace Monogram to Clear Acetate Alternative

Place clear acetate alternative directly on top of the sketch paper. Next, trace monogram directly to clear acetate alternative using marker.


Cut Out Stencil

Use retractable utility knife to cut monogram stencil from clear acetate alternative.


Place Stencil and Add Paint

Center monogram stencil along face of valance. When using spray paint, position can directly above stencil, aiming straight down. Keeping the can of spray paint approximately 8 inches from the surface of the fabric, apply even coats by moving back and forth in a slow, controlled manner. For fabric paint and stencil brush application, dab stencil brush into paint, then dab directly down onto stencil. Allow paint to dry for at least 30 minutes before removing stencil.


Attach to Wall With L-Bracket

Secure L-bracket to wall using screws. Next, place valance up into L-bracket, securing it in place from above with screws.

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