Hoodie Halloween Costume: Black Bat

Your little one's imagination will take flight in this bat costume made from an inexpensive hoodie and felt. Pair it with black leggings or sweat pants for a comfy Halloween costume they'll want to wear long after the holiday has passed.
Bat Hoodie Costume: Beauty 2

Bat Hoodie Costume: Beauty 2

Materials Needed:

  • black hoodie
  • black pants, sweatpants or leggings
  • black felt
  • charcoal felt
  • charcoal thread
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • straight pins

Print and Cut Out Templates

Print and cut out all templates. You will need 2 sets of the bat wing templates and 1 set of the ear templates. Note: If using the letter-size bat wing template, you will need 4 copies.

Bat Hoodie Costume: Step 1

Bat Hoodie Costume: Step 1

Scale Wings Then Cut Out

To scale the template to fit your hoodie, place the cut-out template and hoodie on top of a larger piece of paper. Make dots from the points of each arc to indicate how large your wings should be and connect the dots with simple arcs, then cut out your new template. Lay the new template on the black felt, pin in place then cut out the wings and set aside. Tip: With felt, the front and back sides of the fabric don't matter. If using a different type of fabric, be sure to turn one of the templates over so you have wings that mirror each other.

Bat Hoodie Costume: Step 2

Bat Hoodie Costume: Step 2

Cut Out the Gray Wing Segments

Pin the wing segment templates to the charcoal felt (Image 1). Flipping as necessary for non-felt fabric. Cut the segments out and set aside (Image 2). Remove the templates from all the fabric cutouts and pin the segments onto the full wing cut-outs (Image 3). Use a sewing machine to sew the wing segments to the wing itself with charcoal thread (Image 4).

Attach Wings to Hoodie

With a seam remover, carefully remove the hoodie seam along the side and arm, starting at the waistband and working toward the cuff (Image 1). Leaving the waistband and cuff intact, turn the garment inside-out, place the wing in the opening and pin it in place (Image 2). Use a sewing machine with black thread to re-seam the garment with the wing attached. Tip: Be sure to back stitch at the beginning and end. Repeat for the second wing then remove any excess fabric and stray threads from the inside (Image 3) before turning jacket back right-side-out.

Cut Out Ears

Cut out the ear templates (Image 1). Pin the outer ear template to the black felt and the inner ear template to the charcoal felt; cut out 2 of each (Image 2).

Create Ears

Remove the templates, pin the inner ear pieces to the outer ear pieces, then then sew them together (Image 1). To create a bat's peaked ear shape, overlap the bottom edges (Image 2). Pin and sew the overlapping pieces with the sewing machine (Image 3).

Attach Ears to Hoodie

Cut off any stray threads and pin the ears to the hood (Image 1). Hand-sew ears in place using a needle and thread from the inside of the hood (Image 2). Attach both sides and the front of the ear making a sort of triangle.

Finishing Touches

Finally, iron out any wrinkles. Pair the bat-wing hoodie with black pants or leggings and your little one is ready for their first flight.

Bat Hoodie Costume: Beauty 1

Bat Hoodie Costume: Beauty 1

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